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Erection question

Erection question

So this other night I was messin around with this girl I know, I was kinda drunk. For about an hour or so we talked and layed with eachother then I started fingering her and I was getting great wood (unfortunately she wasn’t playing with it). After she had a orgasm she got on top of me and started kissing my neck all the way down to my shorts and I noticed that I was limp, I was trying to get myself hard but nothing would work it just felt dead. She went down and started sucking it but it just stayed limp and almost felt like a firm limp (still dead). She’s a pretty cool girl we kinda just laughed it off and everything seemed pretty cool, I felt like idiot but we kinda just dropped it. We ended up falling asleep and my dick still felt small and limp.

I’m a 19 year old male, and I eat your typical college food diet (kinda unhealthy)

So I’ve been thinking about why the hell this happened to me at this time and I went through the factors:
-I smoke weed on a daily basis, the day BEFORE I hung out with her I probably smoked 3 blunts and several bowl packs which is obviously a heavy smoking day for me. (Had a similar errection problem happen to me a long time back and the day before I smoke ALOT also), on the flip side when I masterbate high, I usually can get great wood. I only smoked a bowl pack early the day of this incident
-I usually play basketball and lift occasionally, but the week leading up to this incident I did not work out at all
-I had strept throat and a minor case of the flu a week before this and I have been on Amoxicillan for the past week (flu and strept throat seem gone).
-2 and a half weeks back I had a similar night with this girl except for when she went down to suck my dick I had a boner and she swallowed :) So I don’t think it has anything to do with me being nervous to do stuff with her
-I think I have a little anxiety problem, very minor though
-Besides 2 weeks ago I was on a pussy drought for Months
-Currently not PEing (overwork injury a year ago and I can kinda feel it lingering around, my woods are usually fine though)
-This night me and this girl were messing around with eachother at random times while we were laying there, I was getting a good chub that would of been a full errection if she took of my shorts But she wouldn’t so it would just go back down and that happened several times. I felt like I was trying to time up my boner with when she was gonna pull down my shorts (which was messing with my head).

If anyone has any tips on foods I can eat that will make me get errection better or just tips in genereal from people who have had errection problems before in the past PLEASE let me hear them. If this keeps up I might have to consider looking into some pills that will help me (any suggestions?).

Apologize for the long read, just want to let you guys know my situation in full detail so I can get some good feedback. Thanks guys really appreciate the site!

I’d have to guess that the booze and/or weed had something to do with it. If you don’t normally have issues like this, I would chalk it up as a one time deal. I think before trying any supplements/pills, you should think about trying to improve general diet. Probably could add a multi-vitamin which would help if you’re deficient in anything. In fact, I would recommend seeing a doctor and asking for a blood test to see if that is actually the case. Vitamin D deficiency is a hot topic right now in the medical field. If you booze it up regularly, vitamin B deficiency is a real possibility too.

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I would blame it on the alcohol. It also messed up the way you spell erection. :)

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I’d blame it on your nervousness. As soon as you had to perform, you started putting all this extra pressure on yourself. The better way to do it is to just relax completely and let things happen. If you find that you have an ongoing erection quality problem, you need to adjust your lifestyle in one way or another.


Next time try drinking a glass of water or two before having sex.

Originally Posted by digger99
Next time try drinking a glass of water or two before having sex.


A question about erections on a penis enlargement site? Well, I never.

Originally Posted by alex553


Water counteracts the dehydrating and toxic effects of alcohol.

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Originally Posted by gprent

I would blame it on the alcohol. It also messed up the way you spell erection. :)


Well I’m not usually typing the word “erection” to people on a daily basis. Thanks for the advice guys, I personally think it’s a mixture of nervousness, insecurity and all in my head. Hopefully it’s not a physical problem.

timmy, like I said- Go buy yourself something like MaxSize pills for $3.95 per packet.


What are Max Size pills, where do I get them and do they work?

timmy, there are a lot of different options for non-prescription herbal pills that generally work very well. You take them an hour or so before sex and Bingo, you’re going to get a good boner. If you live in the United States, do a Google search for Adult Stores in your area. The types of places that sell dildos, etc.


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