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erection question?

erection question?

After one week, of jelqing, I find that sometimes I can only get about 50% erect. Should I ‘shoot’ for a stronger erection before I start out or will that get the results I am looking for? Occasionally I will kegel/sqeeze to fill with blood, but didn’t know if I should be looking for a harder erection to get gains in length and girth.

PE should get you better erections unless your overworking you unit.
But it will also happen (not so good ones) every once and a while. You could also use a cock ring to get better erections. And look in to some supplements.

Welcome and take it slow. The gains will come.

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

If you’re looking for girth gains, then somewhere around 80% is best. Length gains through jelqing should be done at about 50%. Both are effective, just depends on what you’re attempting to accomplish (length or girth).

Thanks for the info. I have noticed that I am ‘hanging’ better flacid, but haven’t messured since it had only been one week. I figure messuring once a month would be enough.

Thanks again, great information and nice board.

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