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Erection quality

Erection quality

Hi all

I have realized that after three months of PE my erections are getting harder to come across when I am doing a solid routine witch includes DLD Blasters for stretching, Double Jelquing, compression squeezes. M y erections have not improved at all actually maybe gotten worse. My balls are also starting to hurt quite a bit, I don’t know if I am overdoing it or not, I started slow and think that I gave myself enough time to adapt. Now on one of Sparkyx threads he said that if the erections are not good one should stop PEing for about 2 to 3 weeks and then retake with something lighter. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Oh by the way I don’t have much morning wood any more, and am not sexually active stopped looking at porn so maybe this is also a cause for my laking of EQ

DLD blasters? Double jelqing? Compression squeezes?? No wonder your unit is calling for a break - those are some heavy duty methods of manual PE. Give him a few days rest, then return to simple stretching/jelqing for a week and see how he feels.

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Being sexually active and not looking at porn should boost your EQ, not hurt it. Take drilla’s advice, I’d probably take 2-3 weeks off to see if things get better.

Cool thanks, I feel like a few days off would suit me better than weeks o,ff of course if weeks off is what I need that is what I will do, so drilla9 just since you seem to know about the subject I wanted to tell you that I did a newbie routine for about a month and a half and then kicked in with the routine I posted on the thread for another month and a half, do you think if I went back to the newbie routine I should stay there for a while,?and how will I know that no more gains can be had from it? Thank you

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