Erection quality problems

I made a thread few weeks/months ago without any replay, some parts have changed so trying last time get any answer about this stuff.

I’m 21 in 4 years long relationship. My life style is not so well, however always been but trying to fix it. Important thing to add, for about a year having serious psychical issues, sort of depression, month ago restarted visiting psychologist but didn’t take any antidepressants, took them for a month only (SSRI) 1.5 year ago for premature ejaculation.

To the point:
I was diagnosed with enlarged prostate few months ago. Before this I never had erection issues, “needed wind to blow and I’m up”. After curing it, noticed some changes. Better control over ejaculation but it was harder to get erection while masturbation but still no problems with my fiancee, kissing was enough to get hard.

About 2 months ago had a night with whole bunch of booze and couldn’t get hard while my women did everything to make it happen. Was really upset about that, checked my urologist and he said it’s most likley psychological issues but he gave me Viagra to show me if I will use it once, later on I will notice I don’t need this. This and restarting my therapy with psychologist worked, once again had any problems with getting up, only once but just simply really didn’t want to have sex(what is strange but about this later).

Noticed changes after first time I couldn’t stand/keep erection at least at 50% level for longer then minute :
1) My libido level is at the bottom of the sea, really, 3 months ago could masturbate 2 times a day and then have sex same day, after all of this most of a day I don’t want to do it

2) While masturbating my erection level is about 50-60%, only left and right side of the penis are hard, erection on top and bottom is not well and glans is also about 60%. Most important, when I stop touching him, my buddy goes down in 10 seconds.

3) I know my hardness during sex is connected with psychical stuff but not only, sometimes is fine(only fine) and sometimes as I said earlier couldn’t get up even after 5 minutes of BJ or can become soft inside of vagina, what the hack ?
Most of the time I put the condom and its better for me not to change position because I can loose my erection

4) Once per week some blood on paper in toilet, probably hemorrhoids which I’ll try to fix ASAP but not sure if my prostate works well either. After tons of medicament’s I took still feeling something in there

5) Generally feeling my buddy less then earlier, I am not exactly sure how to explain it. This is like when You need to visit a toilet and you feel pressure in Your anus it would be problematic to get hard but I don’t lose this pressure when I end my work in toilet.

It not easy to describe everything, being really worried about all of this. Read hundreds of threads in here to get some knowledge but still need any answer about this. I would be glad if anyone could help me.
Greetings guys