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Erection quality linked with girth gains?

Erection quality linked with girth gains?

I have always had a massively hard erection, even before PE and I always felt like anymore erect and it will explode. Does this have ANY effect on the amount of girth gains I can achieve? are some of the girth gains just an increase in blood flow due to better penis health? (obviously I know thats not the only reason girth increases).

Can you tell me how erect you were before and after PE and if you are able to gain girth?

Thanks for any help in trying to understand my girth gaining problems, grrr.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Having really hard erections is a good thing no matter what. If you make some gains, having those hard erections will help keep it expanded and loose. I have always had good erections (some as you described) and I’ve made girth gains. I don’t think there’s much correlation between girth gains and erection hardness considering your tissue is use to a certain amount of pressure. When you doing girthing PE it pushes the tunca beyond it’s normal amount of pressure. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I am just trying to find reasons why I gained an inch in length after about 2 years when aiming for girth the whole time, with not a single girth change lol.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Oh wow. I’ve been strictly working on girth for about two years also. What does your routine consist of?

Well, I basically use jelqs mostly, normally around 60% - 80% erection and ULI whenever I feel that I am about to get too erect for jelqing. I hold the uli and squeeze in various places along my shaft and the glans until I lose my erection.

I then start the process over again until I am bored or pushed out the bathroom lol. I have tried clamping about a year ago but broke my clamp by tightening it too much, the bit that clicks the clamp in place flew off and hit me in the face lmao. So I need to get one of them when I am ready for clamping again.

So much hard work :D

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Girth gains are notoriously hard to get compared to length gains. You haven’t gain any girth at all?

My routine is 10 minutes of 80% erection jelqing and then 10 minutes of clamping. I do a little edging before and after for a warm up and cool down. If I notice it’s getting tense, tired, and overworked I back off for a day or two and take some Vitamin C. On those days off I’ll sometime do 5 or 10 minutes of jelqing or I’ll just not do anything at all. It depends.

I would say, trying jelqing at a bit higher of a erection level and get back into clamping. Clamping is where the girth gains really happen. Also look up some stuff on the different bending techniques and the Sadsack slinky’s. Those are also some good ways to gain girth.

Let me know if anything works.

Oh and one more thing. Try squeezing more on the sides where the chambers are when your jelqing. I tend to do this. I feel like I’m working the tunica more and I don’t get as much of a pull feeling as I do an expansion feeling.

Thanks, will give it a go.

The only problem is that I don’t know what 80% erection is in comparison to other people on this site. MY 80% erection is probably harder than most people’s 100% erection. I am not saying this to boast, it is actually a pain in the ass! (no pun intended). My penis points directly up, almost touching my stomach when erect and as hard as a lump of iron with mean looking veins lol.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

Hahaha yes pun intended! Well I would say wait until it gets a little harder than a semi. If it gets to hard just loosen up the grip and continue jelqing. Just be careful of squeezing to tight if you get harder. It sounds like you have some healthy veins so don’t over do it.

Healthy?? I wish…!

My veins are in a terrible condition, I am overdue a years rest, but that would SUCK. My veins are so bad that they make high pitch noises when strum!

I accidentally measured today and I am sure it was thicker… but I am not getting over excited… it has only been 1 day of intense girth work - it must be a build up of fluid or something - my dick looks like it has chicken pox! Damn those red spots.

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

If you are over-due a years rest take a De-con break. Working an already unhealthy unit isn’t getting you the gains you want so its time to start fresh. Heal up for a month and start over fresh.

I completely understand your concerns and am grateful, but I just can’t be doing that right now - I have to look at my PI’s and just run away with it… I want a 10”X7” before new year lmao.

No, seriously, I will be very careful. I took about 2 months off before while harboring these current injuries with lots of heat and special oils but nothing changed. I have to accept that I can never go crazy with my PE incase of total destruction and just keep pushing on!

Time to measure girth soon... previously 4.5", been targeting girth for months!

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