Erection Quality % (General Scale)

Hello Guys..

While reading for Jelquing, as a newbie it did take me some time to figure out i DID need to be somewhat erect, not 100%, but not 20% either for Jelquing to be efficient.

But i was wondering, maybe for the newbie members like myself, lets figure out scale of Erection %.

0 % - completely flacid and maybe even some retraction/turtling.
20% - flaccid and filled with blood and hanging thick softer.
50% - Erect, but not hard enough to be ‘pointing’ at your partner, but not flacid, bendable
75% - Erect, pointing straight but still little bendable if pressure applied
90% - Erect , pointing straight, not able to bend.
100% - Erect, throbbing, cant bend, cant get harder (without Chems)

Anyone wanna help construct an “erection scale” to help with the newbies jelq. We read, “do not jelq erect”, but alot of us (including myself) start jelqs with TOO little of an erection for it to be effective.

Thanks everyone!