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Erection Quality first time through the roof

Erection Quality first time through the roof

I have been jelqing for 8 weeks now , did have a slow last couple of weeks though but been consistent the first 6 weeks

Here is my routine

(Currently doing nofap as well)

Monday Wednesday Friday
2-3 min warm up with warm water
Some light stretching
15-20 jelq
Warm shower after

The first week my EQ improved slightly and libido has increased.
So that is a positive PI.

After that I would say I have been having neutral PI’s ever since. Some flaccid gain but not really any erect gains that I can notice. I do hear flaccid comes first usually and erect follows later?
I wasn’t sure what direction to go less or more. I do believe I got over excited and started doing it more intensely though. I have been having sex on my off days 2-3 times per week. I always felt somewhat sore every day because of this. Nothing worse than that though no bruising discoloration ect. There was a day or too where I felt I over did it (some turtling) Now have started to think even that light routine is too much so.

I went with a little bit less of a routine this time and more warm up

5 min warm water warm up
Light stretching
Jelq 10 min
Warm shower after
I did not have sex the day before so complete rest and did my previous routine the day before then..
Was woken up for sex after an hour of sleep I was snoring as I was told. (About 7 hours after my modified jelq routine :)

I could not believe how hard my dick was my EQ was a 10! In fact when I was having sex I honestly can not remember the last time it was that hard. YEARS. In fact it was so hard I was almost a little concerned that it was too much ? Is that bad? Like I was worried my spouse would break it or something. Lol.

Is it possible that you can be too hard? (She definitely wasn’t complaining ) I am going to chalk it up that I am just not use to erection quality like that. My stamina was WAY better too. I was thinking though it might be because I jelqed earlier so it was a little desensitized. After I came. It stayed hard for another few minutes and that NEVER HAPPENS. Later on that night it got hard again just laying next to her. Not as intense though at that point it felt exhausted. And that doesn’t happen either. I am hoping this is the right direction and I just didn’t have a lucky night.

Does anyone think it is ok to jelq and have sex the same day giving adequate rest ( hours of course) is done? I was somewhat sore during sex. I’m starting to think that I actually need a full days rest including no sex. Which basically means I should jelq the same day as sex and make sure I rest the next day. Don’t get me wrong I am not going to turn down sex , as it is having kids makes hard make time for sex. My spouse and I are trying to make time for it. Has anyone ever experienced this and made erect gains on a routine that is so light? Will I be a hard gainer or slow? Any advise would be helpful. Thanks

Improved EQ and positive PI’s are good signs, but I don’t think they are completely, 100% the best indicator of upcoming gains. Flaccid increases are an even better indicator. BPFSL increases are even better indicators still (check this measurement too if you are anticipating gains). So it sounds like you are doing something right. When you see your first erect gains you will know it is working. Once you find something that works, stick to it and ride it as far as you can.

Thanks for the reply. If I’m getting flaccid gains which I believe are about 1/2 inch length and 1/4 in girth after 2 months how long until I might see erect gains?

Originally Posted by Newbie23
Thanks for the reply. If I’m getting flaccid gains which I believe are about 1/2 inch length and 1/4 in girth after 2 months how long until I might see erect gains?

Flaccid gains aren’t a reliable indicator. As Root said, bpfsl is a good indicator and a more reliable (bone pressed flaccid stretched length). PE is a marathon, not a sprint, so no one can really tell you when you will see erect gains, just keep doing what you are doing, sounds like you are on the right track.

Thanks for the info guys

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