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Erection Quality discussion

Erection Quality discussion

3rd thread for 2 days, the last one for today, I promise!

I’m a little bit concerned about my erection quality. I haven’t touched others’ erected Willies, so I can’t assess my own. It may sound strange and stupid, but let me explain my arousal level and my concerns.

As usual, my Willy becomes bigger, harder and goes up, but unless I flex the PC muscle, it doesn’t become ultra hard. I mean, even when I’m very aroused, inside it’s solid, but I can still squeeze it. The other problem is that I can’t maintain 90-100% erection during the whole foreplay and sex act. It softens a little bit from time to time (maybe ~80%), until something turns me on again, even though it’s not a problem for the intercourse.
My girlfriend has had only one more partner a couple of years ago, when they both had been teens. She says that his Willy has been very hard when erect (even though he hasn’t lasted long), without flexing his PC muscle. She has never asked him about it, but feels it like a “cheating” in order to improve the not-so-good erection and doesn’t think that he has been doing it.

So, what does mean “good erection”? Do I have to be completely hard without flexing the PC muscle? Please, comment:)


Good erection? Completely hard?

I think you’ll know know your best when you’re actually trying your best. And how the heck did your gf know he was or wasn’t flexing his PC muscle?That sounds like an assumption.

Completely hard with or without flexing the muscle?

For the last 2 years, I had many problems with my Willy - anxiety for it’s size (it’s average), too much masturbation, fear of becoming impotent because of jelqing, etc. And they all reflected from time to time to my erections. Now I even don’t remember how it used to be before this tough and long period.

Now I’m very confused.. Usually when I bang my girlfriend (my English is bad and I can’t find any milder synonyms, sorry), my Willy becomes hard enough for penetration, but I think it doesn’t become completely hard without flexing the muscle. She thinks that this is not a perfect erection, because it’s some kind of cheating. This morning I didn’t get the morning wood and now I wonder if this is because of exhaustion (did 1 jelq and 2 masturbations yesterday), ED caused by jelqing, tiredness because of the PC and the PS3 or it just has been that way all time.

I wish that there was some kind of way to determine what’s the physical condition of my Willy in order to know If it’s not right, my head is not right or both. Would Viagra answer the question?

It’s serious problem, please give me an opinion.

Thank you!

Originally Posted by logaritym
The other problem is that I can’t maintain 90-100% erection during the whole foreplay and sex act. It softens a little bit from time to time (maybe ~80%), until something turns me on again, even though it’s not a problem for the intercourse.

I’ve found that to be pretty common for me and pretty much all the partners I’ve had. I can’t speak for if you used to be like that and if PE may be exhausting your penis but I’ve never expected nor had a partner that stayed at full attention during the entirety of the session.

I think you are fine. Just take a deep breath and give the girl what she wants. I think Viagra would help but not everybody likes the affects of Viagra. How does she know you are flexing your PC muscle anyways? Just have great sex and don’t talk about how you are doing it to her, just do it (Nike swoosh). I think you should just do what you have to do, because you said when you bang her you have a hard erection so really you don’t have a problem. Whats that muscle there for? You are suppose to use the muscle. Good Luck


Hey Logaritym,

Hmm I don’t think it’s cheating at all, if you watch porn you see those guys arn’t standing at attention when they are having sex. Usually when the girl slips off their dick it just kinda flops down and they just put it right back in and keep on going.

I’m below average in the girth department and have no long wang by any means so I’m dealin with a crappy hand haha and have always I guess been very conscious of my size. My last gf we would have sex quite a bit but I would often times go soft and it would suck! After going soft I would either have to play around and get it back up or we would just call it quits unfortunately. I wish I could just maintain a 80-90% erection but I think I was just thinking to much as I really love her and just wanted to please her to her needs (I also think I maybe have slightly high blood pressure and I’m 10-20lbs over weight and exercise would probably cure my problem to be honest). She would tell me she loved my package and said it was big (she only had one other partner before me and I guess he was smaller than myself) so that made me feel good but not good enough. Well finally she gave me head one day and she hadn’t done that in a really long time, it turned me on soooooo much lol I just hit it as hard and as fast as I could. Afterward she was like wow I’m going to have to remember to do that more often cause that felt soooo good haha.

So what I’m getting at I think you may just be thinking about it A. To much or B. Just need to be more turned on or C. Not knowing your physical condition maybe you need to work out and get more stamina so you don’t tire out as quickly through your body preventing you from keeping a super hard on, but hell If I could keep a 80-90% whole time Id be more than happy camper.


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Well, so it’s quite normal.. Hooray! Once again thanks for the answers and sorry for the stupid questions:)

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