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Erection Problems

Erection Problems

I keep getting a full blown erection right after I do about 10 jelq and holds. It’s becoming very annoying because then I have to take few minute breaks. I’ve been trying to think about other things but it’s not working. Should I masturbate to ejaculation before I try jelqing; because the penis becomes limp after ejaculation??

Anyone have any suggestions?? I really want this problem to go away, but after a week it still persists.

Thanks, Cajones822 STARTED: 7.1 x 5 GOAL: 8.5 x 6.5

People say stretching before hand really helps. I don’t know I have the same problem sometimes and other times not. Try to teach your dick that touching it doesn’t mean get hard.

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Stretching before jelqing really helps, especially invented v stretches.

I had the same problem as you and did what you suggested and what the previous respondents suggested: Masturbated about 2 hours before my PE session and made sure to get good stretches in prior to jelqing. I’m now able to control my erection level at will. I can go from 20% to 80% (and anything in-between) very quickly and accurately. I think once I finish the newbie routine I’m going to use this ability to control erection level in my own customized routine.

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