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Erection problems

Erection problems

Hi all,

I’ve been going well with PE exercises and have notices good gains when doing them, but I fail to see much when I get aroused. There seems no difference for me. I fear that I have a problem with getting blood into my penis without jelqing etc. Could this be the case?

If anyone has anything they could tell me about this problem it would be greatly appreciated.


Are you at the same stage of arrousal now as you were when you began PE, or is there something different for you? That isn’t clear.




I’m also a little confused about the point that you’re trying to make. Are you having problems getting erections, or are you not seeing erect gains compared to flaccid gains? I’ve been at it for a couple months, and have noticed more flaccid gains compared to erect gains, from what I’ve been able to glean from other threads, I think this is pretty typical.

I’d say your on your way to seeing true erect gains in the near future. I, and I think most guys, see temporary gains while stretching and doing girth work. That is what it is all about. Then after time, these will become permanent gains that you will have when being erect.

My own reading has led me to believe that you can’t really count the gains during or just after a workout as TRUE gains; there is often some slight swelling, additional lymphatic fluid from stressed tissue, etc. My own plan is to not let a tape measure NEAR my penis until I’ve been doing the exercises for a month, and THEN only during regular stimulation/arousal.

My reasoning is just like the application to bodybuilding: Measuring too often yields a mixture of practically invisible results plus the discouragement that comes from fixating. Bodybuilders have two types of basic measurement (there are variations, but these two illustrate the point): The pumped, flexed measurement, taken after performing a few sets, when the muscle is engorged with blood and “pumped up”; and the cold measurement, which is basically when someone walks up to you and says “Make a muscle” and you try to flex your bicep.

Ask yourself: Which is the truest measure?

Try measuring once more with NO exercise; your real, true erect size and girth, whether brought on by porn, your wife, whatever; no pumping, no jelqing, no edging; and then put that tape away until the beginning of the NEXT month. In the meantime, just do the routines the way you know you should, avoid excessive masturbation and/or exposure to pornography (it desensitizes you eventually), and make sure about your nutritional needs. Get a good multi-vitamin, but don’t take it all at once. Most of them break easily, take part in the morning, part in the mid-afternoon or early evening (not too close to bed, they sometimes wake you up).

In addition to the multi-vitamin, get some extra Zinc. Don’t take it on an empty stomach, it upsets many people by irritating the lining of the stomach. I find, however, that empty or not, if I take it immediately before sleep I sleep through the discomfort and get the benefits. Typically, take the zinc with meals or crush the pills and add them to a powdered shake.

Get additional B-12 to improve your red blood cell count, which will aid with both energy and oxygenation throughout the body.

There are other supplements out there, but as long as you get the three I mentioned, and as long as you RELAX and quit focusing on your gains so intently, I think you’ll get positive long-term results.

Hi guys, thanks for your replies. What I was concerned about was gains during normal erections when compared to size I get whilst jelqing etc. Thanks for the input, I’ll keep plugging away and see how it pans out. From what you all said, I doubt I’ll have any problems

Thanks again

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