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Erection problems

Erection problems

I have been doing newbie routine with some modifications depending on time and conditions. Thing is that 5 moths ago I was able to have sex 7-8 time per day and after starting to stretch for longer period or jelq with bigger force I lost all of this. I have been working during summer 2 jobs and I had very little free time and I often did just stretching in shower for 15min.. I have been doing this for last five months but with big breaks in between. So I did it for example maybe once or twice a week. I figured out that I lost this probably because I overworked my penis and I didn’t do enough kegels. When I started doing kegels my erections became a lot better and after month of break time I decided to do PE again and it was just 2-3 min of stretching and 50 jelqs, dough pretty hard ones. One day after I had first sex with my new girlfriend and I was unable to get full erection and I finished pretty fast, after 4-5min.. Thing is before I was able to have sex for 20-30min without stopping and being able to control when I want to finish. Now I don’t have full erection and when I do I’m unable to control it.. Please any suggestions, advices or whatever.. I”m thinking maybe I should just do kegels until I recover.. What do you think? Thank you!

Everybody’s different but at least you know kegels work for you.

Why don’t you try keeping things as they are and increasing the kegels until your EQ comes around again. Then you’ll know you’re doing the correct amount of kegels.

Just a thought.

I’m afraid to do PE again, are you suggesting that I should do whole routine or just kegels until I recover.. Thing is very delicate because of new girlfriend and I can’t fail again like I did.. :/

Then I wouldn’t risk it. I would just do the kegels until fully healed then proceed with caution as far as PE goes.

You are tired by other things than PE.

Other things?

Guys please help again.. I can have sex, but I loose my erection.I’m hard for 5 min, then it gets on 70%, then again 100% but not longer than 15min.. I managed to get erection only because my girlfriend was with me.. Porn is not getting me hard enough and I have no erection during the day.. I don’t know what should I do.. Some advices please.. :/

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