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Erection problem

Erection problem

Well I get my penis up to 40%-60% erection state for the jelqing and when I start it goes to a 100% erection (I get hard very easily) How do I stop this?

Have you tried dipping it in an ice bucket for a few minutes?

I believe the unit should be kept warm as much as possible during PE.

Is this correct?

MAN!! FINALLY SOMEONE WITH THE SAME PROBLEM THAT I HAVE!! It’s funny that you talk about your hard erections. I always get them and am in the process of increasing my erected stamina. Best of luck to you, I know, it sucks.

I used to get a frequent erection during jelqing for the first 3 weeks or so. I just stopped and waited for it to subside. Jelqing seemed sexual to me at the beginning, since it was a new experience. Now I don’t have the erection problem anymore.

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I have had that problem and even ejaculation for the first couple of weeks. It seems that desensitizing takes a different amount of time for each of us. It will happen though.

LOL !! SAME PROBLEM! To be honest I have start PE a couple of months ago, but every time I hate it because my penis is going to 100% all the time in no time.

Well I have no problems with streches.. but when I start jelq my penis also gets 100% erection. I ussually pause and wait for 1 or 2 minutes and then do it again.. it’s the only way I can make it. It doesn’t make the same effect on the penis I think, but it’s better than nothing. And also with more time, it will slowly allow me to jelq for longer spaces of time. Good luck..


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