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Erection position-shape

Erection position-shape

My penis when erect will only raise a little over horizontal. My penis also pulls to the left. The shaft has a slight bend down and to the right. I believe the pulling to the left is from a inguinal hernia repair I had 3 years ago. When I stretch to the right I can really feel the tension. I have also read some believe the bend and not raising up during erection is contributed from wearing tight underwear to bed. Therefore the morning wood is forced to bend. Thus eventually training the penis. The last 3 months I try to make sure this does not happen. Is there any exercises I can do to fix this? I read jelqing will help. But I am confused as what to do since in pulls left but bends right. Do I jelq more to the left to remove the right bend? So what do I do to remove the pull to the left? Stretch more to the right? Also what can be done to make the erection more vertical? It is difficult trying to have sex with the wife in certain positions. Like her on top. Any advise is appreciated.

Stretch to the right to remove the pull to the left and jelq to the left to remove the bend to the right. This process will take a long time. I have been jelqing to the right to remove a leftward bend, but have not noticed much difference so far. You can also try erect bends against your curve. Be careful with these though, they’re quite stressfull on your penis.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.

Whoswhat, how long have you had that pull to the left and that bend to the right? Isn’t it a pure natural situation? If so, I’m afraid you won’t be able to change it very much. And if you really could, it would only be possible after years and years of hard work. Is that worth it? I have a left curve and nobody cares, lots of people even like curved cocks, also when having sex.

I have the horizontal erection since 18 years old. I believe a girlfriend was riding to wild and she injured it. Not as bad as it probably could have been. The left pull was noticed after hernia surgery. I think the doctor put the mesh in super tight. As far as the curve I have had that since 18 too. Could have been from girlfriend riding accident. Never notice penis was never curved before then when masturbating. The curve would not bother me as much if penis would stick up. But since it sticks straight out with the curve it faces down. Just limits my wife being on top. If she moves up to much it wants to pull out. I am starting to think I might have had some damage to the base long ago when that girl cracked my penis. It made a pop or crack sound. I did have a doctors appointment set up with a urologist for Peyronie. But I cancelled out of embarrassment. I have heard of the shaft breaking. But has anyone heard of the base breaking?

I’ve had my curve as long as I can remember, nothing strange about that. Your story is completely new to me, never heard of something like it. And though you’re probably not walking around with a broken cock, I must say the situation doesn’t seem natural or healthy to me. If I were you I’d certainly see a doctor about it, the sooner the better. Don’t hesitate, forget all embarrassment. And don’t start doing things on your own. Good medical advice is priority number one! Good luck!

Thanks for advice. I took a day off. Did not do a single thing with the penis. And with the monthly thing it was 3 days since I got oral. So last night we finally got to do the dirty deed. It was good to go. Rock hard and no issues with her riding it. As far as the broken cock idea. I meant maybe there was past damage when I was 18 because of what happened with that girlfriend. Sort of like a tree with a damaged root system as it gets taller and bigger it leans to the side that’s well rooted. The weak roots start to pull out of ground causing the lean. Thought maybe the base or top muscles on penis were damaged and just won’t raise it up on a sharper angle. Or maybe they are overly stretched do to fighting morning wood tucked down in underwear. Honestly I do notice a little improvement since I position it up or do not wear underwear to bed. But with the combination of PE and making sure morning wood is pointing up. My penis has less curve, stronger erections, last longer, increase in length, and girth. It has been great. Sex is more enjoyable for my wife and I. But she does say she’s sore the next day. Even if we have average, run of the mill, non aggressive sex. But she is not complaining. Thanks again.

I have had my curve ever since I can remembe,its been ok with some girls , but painful to others , and only in MY favorite positions, and that SUCKS.

My gf I’m with now has a hard time with favorites,,SO I will be working on this F’ing curve for a long time !!!!

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