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Erection percentages

Erection percentages

Hey I just started PEing yesterday and I didn’t want to waste any more precious time having a not huge dong, so I’m curious as to the erection percentages I see so often thrown around. Because I was trying to jelq with a 60% or so erection and I realized it may have well been a 30% erection. Here was my interpretation, tell me if I’m on the right track or way off:

0% erection is straight out of a cold pool
30% is still limp, but pretty limp and long, like what you want to show off at the doctors office during a physical
60% is “taking off ” and sort of hovering out there a bit
90% is horizontal and good enough for nailing someone
100% is rock hard doesn’t get any better

Please help me clear this up to ensure I’m more “girthening” than lengthening.

Hi dmitri, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

Your descriptions of the different erection percentages all sound about right to me (funny too :) ). I usually try to jelq at 80% which is just below ‘good enough for nailing someone’. If I’m looking for length gains from jelqing (which I never do anymore), then I usually go for 50-60%. It’s a bit tougher to maintain a 50% erection that it is a 80%. Besides, there are plenty of better ways to gain length than by jelqing.


It’s not rocket science. Sounds like you got it right to me.


I have a slightly different take, (I think), on percentages. I did (and do) most of my serious jelqing at 30% to 50% erect, which to me means somewhere between 9 and 10 o’clock, (45 and 90 degrees). When I get it to 11 o’clock, that is a 100 % erection, for me. It hasn’t hit my belly since I was twenty years old!! Lol.

I have made great gains in both length and girth by jelqing at this level. To jelq when I am higher than 10 o’clock is too risky for my blood.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I can’t help but to have more than 80% erection when I start dong the jelq. Any advice?

Margret Thatcher on a cold day! Margret Thatcher on cold day! #:-o

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