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Erection just disappeared


Erection just disappeared

Hello all.whether or not you know, I recently posted about some pain on the base of my shaft and on the right shaft. I wanted to try and wait it out for a month or two so it could heal, as I believe it is the ligament. It has been two weeks so far since the initial ocurrence, and I also attempted to try to stop all sexual activity (I.e. Masturbation). It has been extremely hard in class and elsewhere as any girl would turn me on.

Today I just wanted to try and relieve myself and also was careful to be gentle. Some time into it, my erection simply disappeared out of no where. I am very puzzled and want to know if anyone experienced anything like this ever.

Were you real worried that the erection might deflate?



Maybe you’re too stressed about it?

No I wasnt worried that the erection would deflate—I never would have expected it. And its definately not due to stress—I really wish it was. It was (and is) more physiological. I was very horny and had alot of blood flow, and then, out of no where really, it just seemed to drain out.

I only pray that it isnt nerve damage or anything permanent.

Why not try some kegels ? It will help improve your erection quality and maintain erections.

Yeah i’ll definately try some kegels. My basic dilemma is whether to wait and hope that the natural healing process will take care of all of this by itself, or if I should see a urologist.

Does anyone know if you need to go to your general prac. first and have them refer you to a urologist or if you can just set up an appointment with one by yourself?

You will recover in time. I think there is probably a sore or bruised spot or inflamed nerve, and you probably hit it and caused your erection to deflate. Pain is a libido killer for most people.

Take some break, try to eat peanuts (I’m not kidding), and visit your urologist

Ok well some relatively good news. I am starting to feel slightly more sensation down there and blood. Starting to get back to normal.

But still, there is the underlying issue of my injury. I am now convinced that I need to refrain from masturbating or getting a rock hard erection so I can let the healing process just go on its own.

Regardless, im due for a physical anyway so I might as well set one up and kill two birds with one stone. Do you think I should tell my doctor about PE?

Perhaps you could tell your doctor about this.

Give it plenty of rest in their mean time.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

Originally Posted by 2_more_inches

Do you think I should tell my doctor about PE?

Ahah, he’s gonna start PE too. :D

Wanna bet?

Originally Posted by malandro
Take some break, try to eat peanuts (I’m not kidding), and visit your urologist

How does eating peanuts help your penis?

Unfortunately not the best of news. When I had wrote that I had started to have sensation down there felt blood moving in, shortly after I had the same thing happen—that is, almost like a draining sensation as it all dissapeared. Maybe its venous leakage.

It feels very weird as I pretty much have no sensation down there. With the amount of time that went by since I last masturbated, I would normally feel extremely horny by now, but thats not the case. I dont feel anything there. I guess you could say im pretty depressed—I hope I end up with a healthy and healed penis. Im just 21 and feel horrified at the prospect of having to use Viagra or Cialis just to get a hard on.

I think i’ll try to get to a doctor on Monday so I dont have to pay a ridiculous 100 dollar co-payment fee for the emergency care.

Have you tried watching porn to try to just gt it up?

Yeah I tried that. Doesnt work.

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