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Erection just disappeared


Wow…literally about a few minutes after I just posted I had probably an 80-85% erection and it lasted for a pretty long time. Im definately starting to feel better, but this is NOT over by a long shot. Im gonna wait and play it safe, and hopefully my injury will heal itself on its own.

I will keep everyone posted…hopefully until this draws to its healthy conclusion.

Originally Posted by 2_more_inches
Yeah, I’ll definitely try some kegels. My basic dilemma is whether to wait and hope that the natural healing process will take care of all of this by itself, or if I should see a urologist.

Does anyone know if you need to go to your general practitioner first and have them refer you to a urologist or if you can just set up an appointment with one by yourself?

Depends on your insurance.

So… you were able to get hard and then mid-way through you (or it) just lost interest?

That can happen.

Now you got an 80% erection?

You need to give it some time. That you were able to get an erection in the first place means that the plumbing works.

I would apply heat compresses and go easy on yourself; it’ll come back. Kegels are always good.

If you’re really worried set up an appointment with a urologist. But I think time and gentle encouragement of blood flow will do the trick.

Originally Posted by galardo
How does eating peanuts help your penis?

They are high in Arginine.

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Hi 2more:

Don’t fool around. It may not be anything bad at all, but you never know. It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Make an appointment and go see your doctor on Monday, if possible. It probably depends on your insurance whether you have to see you PCP first in order to get a specialist referral. But, if you are due for your yearly exam anyway, then don’t waste any more time (already 2 weeks) and just go.

And, DON’T be secretive with him/her, no matter how embarrassing you may think it may be. It is important that you be TRUTHFUL so that he/she can correctly diagnose the problem. I know it is frightening, but it all will be okay in the end.

Good luck and keep us informed. We care.


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