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Erection Issues

Erection Issues

I had done a little PE last summer but not very consistently, and want to start up again. I am about 7.5 in by 5.2 in erect. My problem with jelqing is that as soon as I start to do it I become erect, which takes a couple of minutes to go away. Consequently, it takes forever to get through a session. Any advice on how to keep it from getting completely hard every time? Thanks a lot.

I used to have the same problem but nowadays I don’t even think about it. What really helped me was concentrating on all my goals and simply going over each one in my head, over and over again in a loop. This had the effect of draining my sexual energy(as PE is not a sexual exercise unto itself) as oppose to magnifying it by simply concentrating on my penis.

Another technique which may help you is simply allowing for greater intervals between jelqs.

Essentially you want to detach your mind from any kind of sexual arousal, and if you concentrate hard enough on asexual thoughts this should be easy for you to acheive.

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