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Erection issues after stretching

Erection issues after stretching

Hi everyone,

I have been mulling over this site for about a month now and decided to give PE a try. I have only been doing it a couple of weeks and I am trying to follow the newbie routine but I seem to have a problem. After stretching I have a really hard time getting my penis erect (I’m talking not even a shimmy).

Now, at no other times do I seem to have this problem. Usually he stands at attention on command but take for instance last night, had a really good stretching session and was ready to begin Jelqs and it was a no go; I couldn’t even get it close to 10% erect..

Am I doing something wrong? Stretching to hard maybe? (Which is a whole other subject, not sure how “hard” I should be tugging on it) I have a slight soreness sensation but nothing uncomfortable really.

Just to make sure everything was ok, when I got up this morning I flicked it one go time and he gave me the ole salute so all is working again but last night was an absolute no go and thus far after every stretching session it has been difficult to get any kind of erection

I’m sorry if this has been answered somewhere before! I did search I promise

Well it’s because after stretching it is recommended to give your penis a day or two so that it can emulate erection again.

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Thereishope, welcome to the forum.

What you describe has happened to me also. I think that it is because when you stretch, even if you are careful not to put stress on the glans, still you irritate it a bit when you squeeze the grip.

Do you warm up before jelqing? That helped me get back to normal sensitivity a bit.

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Thanks for the responses! Yes, I do warm up; as of right now I am trying to follow the newbie routine so I either warm wrap for 5 min or I take a Hot shower.

I have thought about doing Kegels to “pump” it up but being that I’m a beginner and reading some of the horror stories about doing that before your penis has adapted to the exercises I’m a little scared to try it!

I will try to move my hand down the shaft, further away from the glands, during stretches to see if that helps.

Again, thank you for the responses!

Originally Posted by thereishope

I have thought about doing Kegels to “pump” it up but being that I’m a beginner and reading some of the horror stories about doing that before your penis has adapted to the exercises I’m a little scared to try it!

There is no problem with Kegels. They are not dangerous. The worst reaction you can get with them is if you do too many too soon, your BC muscle may get tired and you may have a little difficulty getting an erection, but taking a couple of days off Kegeling will allow the BC to recover.

Experiment with them and see how they work for you.

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Thanks all

Here’s some more free advice: don’t beat the hell out of your dick.

Think of what you’re doing as a physical therapy type exercise. The stretching shouldn’t be done with all your might. Stretch your dick in a similar way you would stretch your legs before a run: up to, but short of any pain, hold for 20 seconds, release for 20 seconds, and then repeat.

You are encouraging growth, not forcing it.

Kegels are non-erect and done daily. Do 50 a day. You won’t need more than that.

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