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Erection interference

Erection interference

Hi, I just joined yesterday and started my workout 3 days ago. Everything is goin well so far, but i have problems keeping down my erection. I start out at about 50% but I can’t get more than 10-20 milking motions in before i get fully erect, so i must pause a considerable amount of time for it to go down. This is getting very old. I didn’t know if maybe i should masterbate until ejaculation to tame it down before i begin my workout. Does anyone have any suggestions. Any ideas on this problem or any other helpful hints for beginners would be appreciated.

Welcome Whatup!

Imagine Oprah sitting on the toilet eating a 5 lb. bar of chocolate. Isn’t that better? :D

Some people have this problem when they start out, but as time goes on, the frequency of this becomes less (usually). I say give it a little more time, and then if you feel that ejaculating beforehand will help, then try it out and see.

How loose is your grip? Sometimes gripping a little bit tighter will help, but just be aware of how your dick is feeling. If you feel pain or major discomfort, stop what you’re doing, cool off, and start again a little bit lighter.

Are you doing dry or wet jelqing? If wet, what kind of lube?

I can’t imagine having this “problem.” I use a lot of force, and it doesn’t feel the least bit like masturbation or any other kind of sexual stimulation. It doesn’t turn my dick on at all!

In any case, I find that most jelq/squeeze type exercises are most effective at a 85%+ erection level, so I WISH I had this “problem.” I can’t understand why some guys want do jelq and squeeze type movements at low erection levels, unless they are going strictly for length; in which case they’d get the most mileage out of some heavy stretching. Jelq/Squeeze type movements are most effective for girth anyway, in my opinion, so you my as well do them mostly to fully erect and do separate stretching or hanging for length.

Welcome Whatup.

I started with this problem (I’d get almost fully aroused just thinking of PE).

It took me about two weeks to become acclimatised to it. But I think the jelqing with full erection for those two weeks gave me my bit of girth increase as since then I have gained mainly length.

I’m currently starting a girth routine by using some generic viagra to keep a boner whilst PE’ing!. That’s how different it becomes once you’ve been doing it a while. BTW, I don’t need any chemical help when it comes down to the sex :) .

So what I’d say is keep with the erect jelqing for now (it’ll go away soon) and just enjoy all the rewards the PE brings.

Thanks to all of the above for your responses. I think I will just keep doing what I’m doin for a few weeks and see what happens.

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