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Erection dysfunction

Erection dysfunction

Hi all,

I haven’t had much sexual experience, since I’ve started pretty late. I’m 23 now and only been active sexually 1 year. I used to be awkward so I didn’t click with any girls, now I’m just weird haha. Currently, I’m at the beginning of a relationship, and we’ve had sex 3 times (or well.. Tried to). I notice my erection quality itself (as in hardness) is pretty oke when I am at my peak of hardness, it’s however the problem that it goes away very quickly and its difficult to bring it back.
For example, lets say we’re making out, I’m hard now. Then after we make out some more, or I go down on here, or even when she goes down on me, my erection quality just wavers and I end up being in between flaccid and hard. This also does not allow me to have sex very well, only in positions that I can control (like missionary) since my dick doesn’t need to be hard all the time. Cowgirl or something doesn’t work since it really needs to be hard 100% since if its a limp dick, it will bend when she tries to ride it.

So I really need to get this better, since it’s very frustrating. Luckily I seem pretty oke with my tongue and hands since I did made her cum 3 times last night by just fingering and going down on her, but really this annoys me so much. Just being able to fuck her without having to worry about my dick being limp after a short amount of time would be so much better. I really feel not like a man when you can’t even fuck your girl like you want to.

I’m going to call a doctor tomorrow, but I was hoping if anyone had any advice for me here.. I already do kegels, but only for a week so not enough time to show progress.

I would like to add I even have this during masturbation. My dick is hard sometimes, and then it turns more flaccid pretty quickly. I usually even cum when I am not ‘that hard’ (like 70-80%). Not enough for good penetration.

If you aren’t on libido lowering medications like anti-depressants, then I think kegels would help strengthen your erection.

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