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Erection difficulties

Erection difficulties

No not that kind :p When doing the manual stretches and Jelq’s my dick has a habit of becoming 100% erect and from what I”ve read, thats not good, especially when going for length gains. I also tried waiting for the erection to subside but it comes back as soon as I touch myself. I even tried masturbating and continuing where I left off I and still got fully erect. Is there any I can prevent lil-Maxtro from going to attention? Or are there length benefiting exercises that are done at 100%? BTW I have only done PE for 2 nights so far.


Give it another week and your little guy will get used to it and probably won’t get too hard too quickly. It is just because he’s expected to getting hard as soon as he is grabbed for anything other than a piss.

I still have the problem from time to time, but you just have to be patient and sit it out, or come back and try again later. It happened to me yesterday, I usually stretch in the bath, but for some reason I got really hard, it wouldn’t go down. I waited for about 5 minutes till it subsided. Then tried again. Instant stiffy. So I sat there thinking of non sexy things, family, trees, algebra, until I found something that worked. My best mate. I’m sure he’d be happy to know that he has that effect one me!

Good luck and stick with it!


Put your mind somewhere else, rather than on your dick. Get a rhythm going and then think of something you have to do for work, or a trip you’ll be taking, or watch television. It works for me anyway.

Ah good so it will go away after time. Also I did try it while watching something on my computer, not porn but it didn’t realy help. But I have a feeling thats what will be working in a few days. Thanks guys.

I will be doing PE for more than 3 weeks and still have the same problem! It usually takes me 2 hours to complete a routine that can be finished in 30 min because I have to constantly wait for my erection to go down and start over. But every minute is worth it.

Keep a picture of your mother nearby when you’re doing a PE session.

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Too funny KOG…….

Maxtro…’s gonna take time for your erections to stop, it took me about 3 weeks when I started. I literally had to be away from this forum (with all the great pics of hot women), and have no distractions going on before I could do any PE’ing. I’ve been at it for over two months now and it’s the norm. You kinda retrain your cock to know when to get turned on and when you are PE’ing.

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