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Erection Angle

Erection Level

I’ve read a few people’s posts about how when they started PE their erection pointed upward but after a while their erections started pointing more outwards. I think it had something to do with stretching of the ligs.

Anyways, what I want to know is when this happens (i.e. when you make your penis grow a bunch by stretching the ligs), do you still get the same level of erection? Right now, sometimes when I get an erection, I have to push down on it to get it to point out horizontally. In fact, when I do so, I can feel something stretching. However, sometimes I get an erection that points horizontally out just because it’s not quite as hard as other times. One thing I want just as much as making my penis bigger is to be able to get really hard erections, frequently.


Interesting question. When I started PE I was obsessed with erection angle. I only ever stretched upward and mostly jelqed upward. I still stretch my ligs of course just in a roundabout way. My erection angle hasn’t changed a jot but it lowers greatly if I’m less that 100% erect I guess simply because there is more weight.

Others have talked about their erection angle lowering. Bigger says his is (I think) straight out now but he puts this down to extra weight more than anything.

Thinking about it from an anatomy point of view ligs hold the erection up so if you stretch them the level should change but if your shaft is further out of the body too it seems to make up for the lengthened ligaments.

So I guess you might see some loss in erection angle but you’ll have a bigger dick :)

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Thanks. I am actually not _that_ concerned with lowering my erection angle, although I like how it points upward. I mostly just want to make sure I can still get full, hard erections… if my penis size does increase.

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