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Erection Angle Discussion

Erection Angle Discussion

Ok so I’ve been thinking about erection angle lately and I wanna know if anything when you were younger influenced the angle you have today. I’m 22 years old and my angle has always been since I can remember at a 3 o’clock or horizontal angle. I’m kinda depressed by this because to me a nice high angle (45 degrees or so) just spells out nice strong healthy penis.

I’ve always worn my erections down in my pants when I was young (less than 12).mostly due to the fact that I didn’t really know about it. I also had a N curve or (arch angle) Well after I started watching porn I noticed that this wasn’t normal and the normal was straight erections pointing towards your belly button. So I started trying to wear my erections “up” whenever possible, I mostly tried to go to sleep at night sleeping on my stomach with my penis pointing up hoping that over time this would change my erection angle and curve. Well going through puberty and I kept doing this my arch curve straightened out dramatically. But my 3 o’clock erection angle remained the same.

*I wanna get a consensus of how everyone else wore their erections when they were younger and the effect it has on you today. Whether you wore your erections down most of the time and you still have a high angle today, or you wore your erections up and you still have a high angle today, etc.. Also state if you happened to gain a higher angle through doing PE on this site.

My erection angle has been ~45° for as long as I can remember and 6 months of PE hasn’t changed it even the slightest bit.

I always wore it pointing up because I couldn’t point it down. When I’m standing straight, I can’t push it down lower than 90° because it’s tight, borderline painful and feels like something will break.

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Hanging can changes your erection angle. Manual stretching can also, but it is less frequent. Age, yes, it makes your erection angle lower.

I wonder if a larger girth has something to do with a lower erection angle. When I was in my 20s - 30s erection angle seemed ~45° but now cannot go higher than 90°. My measurements right now seem to be slightly lees than 6” BPEL and slightly less than 6” MSEG. I will do an accurate measurement to verify. 6” MSEG really seems to make a 6” BPEL appear much shorter in length. Great for my wife but not the gym locker room .

I always wore my erections up and had and still have an upward angle.

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