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Erection Angle and LOT

Erection Angle and LOT

Is there any correlation between high or low erection angles and your LOT number? Low LOT equals a low erection angle.high lot equals a high erection angle? What do you guys think?


Dim what exactly do you mean by high and low?

My LOT is around 7 and my erection angle around 10.


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Same here. My LOT is low at 6, yet my erection stands high at 11. You would think it would be the opposite wouldn’t you? you think that there could be something here? Maybe a lower LOT equals a higher erection angle, and a higher LOT equals a lower erection angle? What do you guys think? Can some of you chime in on this one.let us know what your LOT is and what your erection angle is. Maybe we can learn something here. Thank you to everyone who participates!

Why is this important?

Imagine if we could figure out erection angle without having to get an erection. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Hey guys, just because some characteristic varies between individuals does not make it significant.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


It may put some pieces together about this whole LOT theory thing? We may actually gain a little bit more of an understanding and learn from it. Thats why!

A. LOT was created to help hangers determine the best angle to hang for gains.

B. Newbies are discouraged from hanging, so LOT does not apply to them. Nor does it apply to any other PE exercise. If you aren’t hanging, you shouldn’t even think that LOT means anything to you.

C. The theory was extensively investigated and found to be based on false assumptions about human physiology:
Testing LOT Theory
LOT Theory not right

D. Erection angle is determined by several factors. Mostly by the angle at which the base of your penis, inside the body, is attached to the pelvic bones by muscles and ligaments. It’s also somewhat determined by the manner of attachment to the pubic bone by the suspensory ligament and by the amount of blood in the penis or the “strength” of the erection.

Erection angle probably has considerable input on the LOT number and there may be a correlation, but who cares? Your erection angle is what it is and it cannot easily be changed (without surgery). LOT means nothing either since it was disproved. So again, why is this important?

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