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Erection after jelq?

Erection after jelq?

Im interested to know what effect it has that’s bad? Ive read almost everywhere “to not to cum in act or after jelqing” but Im not certain why, don’t think it reads anywhere? Does it just get penis to more “sleeping” status after so that it won’t grow that good or why? Thanks.. :)

I can’t see a problem with coming after you’ve finished your session. The only time coming might be a problem is if it cuts your session short. Otherwise, don’t worry about it!

I’ve heard it’s good to rest your cock after sessions. The minimum I’d say would be relative to how much you PE’d. If you went for only 15 minutes, then you could wait 30 minutes or so and you’d be fine. If you go for a full hour, a two-hour break afterward would be really good.

I usually double the time I put into PE and use it as a break from it. You guys can say whatever you want, but I believe it’s good to rest after a session. But whatever.

If you don’t masturbate, it helps retain blood in your penis after sessions. And this is supposed to be good for recovery and growth. People have different opinions on that issue.

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One of the main reasons I got into PE was to correct premature ejaculations. It is working for me. In the begining I sometimes could not control myself during the wet jelqs and I ended up shooting my wad. So I was all done. If this is what happens then you are not controling the situation.

Last night I had a half hour mastrubation session. I enjoyed working my big hard-on without coming. When I did finally shoot, it was very enjoyable. Before PE this type of session would be 2 minutes for me.

This morning I did 15 mins of wet jelq session without cumming, of course. Now at work I am walking around with a half a hard on and it feels great.

The main thing to remember is PE is an avenue to better sex. PE should not be sex.

Ho hum, yawn. |(

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