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Erectile Disfunction.... too young for that

Erectile Disfunction.... too young for that

Hi.. I’m new here and my problem is not my size (even though I wouldn’t mind more lenght and girth).
I’m 23 years old and come from germany. I’m not too tall 5.7 so I guess I can be happy about my penis
My erect lenght is 7.5” …girth..dunno, no ruler here and I only measured diameter till now, wich is about 2 - 2.5”
Well my problem is, that I can’t get my penis 100% erect.
Most of the times I can only get it 40% erect.
This makes having good sex very hard for me.
My goal is to get it as hard anf fat as if I used a cockring… doing that it get’s really fat I guess about 7’ circumfrence.

Something else about me… I never work out, I can eat whatever I want and my body always looks as if I did a lot of sport. I always use nbpl since it only differs about 0.5”.

I would be happy to get advice…

Here my routine:
I use a lot of Kegels, since I think this will help the most
Even stopped smoking and started to eat healthier food.

10 min warmup with towel wrapped and kept under running hot water… as hot as I think my penis can take it
(I don’t wanna hurt it)
I flex the PC muscle while doing the wrap

I start jelqing (this works alright, because I can get it erect at about 40%, doing the jelqs and squeezes it gets up to 80% due to the trapping of blood)
Jelqing about 20 min

Then I add another hot wrap using the same technique (5 min)

Next I do squeezes.
I trap the blood using the ok sign with one hand. then I make a mirror image with my other hand, pinky poiting away from Body, thumb and ringfinger as close to the oksign as possible.
I squeeze each finger after the other.
I read this in some thread and I think it’s a good workout…
I also do this without the ok sign on bottom and put the second hand on the front part of my penis closing just before the head and do the squeezes. I also twist the penis in the ok sign, I guess this should improve girth too.

Jelqing is very hard for me, because I have a very long foreskin. It’s about 0.5’ longer than my penis and even if erect it will always slip over the head. I’ll get it circumcised soon.

For basegirth I do streches of about 40 - 50 sec.
I use V-strech and streches in different angles. Sometimes I use a device around my penis. then I use ropes, kneeling on the ropes and pulling on the gives a nece comfortable strech and you can use a lot of strenght, better than with the hand.
I also tried hanging, but I need a new device, due to my long foreskin the devices keeb slipping over the head and that hurts like hell. tried to build a CCH but I guess I need to make a few more before I’m completely happy.

I do this twice a day and add a lot of kegel-exercises and hand streches through the day.
I normally take 1 or 2 days off each week to let my buddy rest…

Doing kegels I realised better longer harder erections, but I guess I need to do even more. I can flex the pc muscle abot a minute or so (longer if I wanted) and I do about 200 of 5 - 10 second flexes.

What I definately noticed, is girth.. yup.. not only after a jelqing session, no it’s just fatter

I started about 6 weeks ago, doing straight routines since 3 weeks ( I’ll change routines every month to find out what works best)

I guess iI added a little lenght, say about 1/8” but hey, no girl ever complained about lenght. I even hit some girls too deep…

Ok I hope you liked this and I hope to get answers soon….

OH THUNDER I’D LOVE TO CHANGE MY USERNAME….. I read that u offered others to do that… how bout it???

Starting Stats: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 5.5'' girth: 5.1'' erect: lenght: 6.8'' girth: 5.5'' hardness: 40 - 60 % 07. Aug. 04: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 6.0'' girth: 5.4'' erect: lenght: 7.7'' girth: 6.2'' hardness: 90 - 100%

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Oh one more thing… there is nothing wrong about my penis I do not take drugs or medication I found no thread describing my problem..
A doctor told me it might be in my head, but I think since I don’t even get morning woods in full erection and I feel clean with my head this is not my problem…

THX peops….

Starting Stats: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 5.5'' girth: 5.1'' erect: lenght: 6.8'' girth: 5.5'' hardness: 40 - 60 % 07. Aug. 04: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 6.0'' girth: 5.4'' erect: lenght: 7.7'' girth: 6.2'' hardness: 90 - 100%


I’ve had problems getting and maintaining erections ever since I was in my mid-teens (I’ll be 25 on the 25th of this month). I’ve found that after I began using a vaccuum pump, that my erections have increased in frequency, longevity, and rigidity. I’ve been waking up with morning erections consistenty, almost every day now, and I wake up very often with a nocternal erection.

Pumping is something you may want to consider.

You may also want to check in with the people in the ED groups listed in the Erectile Dysfunction Sites thread started by Avocet8. I have been a member of some of those groups listed on that thread in the past. They’re good people.

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty". -Roland, in Stephen King's The Last Gunslinger


Please reconsider circumcision. Try to stay intact if at all possible. I wish I had been left uncircumcised and have even tried to restore my foreskin. I actually gained a little more coverage. There are very effective jelq and stretching techniques that can be done even if you are uncircumcised.

I also have ED which I developed about 2 years ago when I was 47. The link provided by KOG is a good place to get more information.

Good luck on your progress.

Gay 5'4" 150 lbs 5.5 x 5

Well tomarctus…
See my foreskin keeps slipping over the head… having sex i feel very little and the skin slipping over the head seems to push out the blood, causing the erection to swell off.
I still have it because I thought the same thing you just told me.. and PE works OK for me, just said it makes it harder, not too difficult…
I also think its ugly. I’ll get a picture as soon as I habe a cam…
My penis is pretty long in flacid and with the 0.5” of extra skin it looks kinda like an elephant’s nose.
I did a trick once, I put a lighter ca 2” long under the foreskin and covered it except the top. then I took a cigarette…
can you guess??? yepp I used the fire to light the cigarette.

I had girls that loved to play with it, but I have and will always hate it.

Starting Stats: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 5.5'' girth: 5.1'' erect: lenght: 6.8'' girth: 5.5'' hardness: 40 - 60 % 07. Aug. 04: (all nbp) flacid: lenght: 6.0'' girth: 5.4'' erect: lenght: 7.7'' girth: 6.2'' hardness: 90 - 100%

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