Funny how it’s assumed I have no experience with PE and exercises while erect. Just because I’m new to this site does not mean I lack experience.. Or just toss up links I have not gone over myself. The all caps words were to signify key words.. Not shouting.

The reasons were clearly indicated so there is nothing to toss in on that. Go ahead and run from erect exercises.I’m not here to impose my will only others about it.. Only to relay that there are far too many myths about such exercises that I actually find it funny and amusing.

Feel free to squeak away, the entertainment value has worn thin.. Since my knowledge and experience apparently isn’t of any value with your types (psychologically speaking). If you are curious about my thoughts, studies, research and the results of my experiments with erect exercises.. Stay tuned to the name “Daffyd C. Landegge” there will be an eBook about.. Including the very important (yet neglected) subject related and attached to PE.. Psychological factors.