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Erect size decreases as stimulation increases

Erect size decreases as stimulation increases

Ive been doing some measurements once every 2 days for the past two weeks, and ive noticed that my penis is bigger at the start of pulling myself off, but as things start to get more intense my size backs down a little bit. Does anything like this happen to you guys? For example, it will start off at 12.5 cms and back off to 12 cm and ill start to get the sensation of blowing even though im not that hard. Ive been doing kegels and i was wondering what else i could do to keep my dick from backing off.

Mine is never the same size.

It is not wise to measure it every (2)day(s). As the saying goes: a watched pot never boils.

IF you must measure it, do it every week or month on the same day on the same time, before you’ve done stuff with it.

E.g. sunday morning, just out of bed, make it hard and then measure it.
Wrrite it down, and if after a few weeks or months the number gets bigger, then you know for sure.

yeah i know its wrong to measure so often. I have only been doing this to monitor the change in size that i mentioned, just to see if it always happens and when it happens.

If you ever watch a porn flick, notice, how, at the start, the guys cock is pretty well maxed out and very thick. By the end of the action though, his erection, although still very strong, has lost a lot of girth.

When I was doing Vac/jelq combo exercise, when you come out of the tube, I was maxed out, but by the end of jelqing and getting another hardon, the girth was also gone.

Now, just doing jelq alone, I always start out much thicker then I finish with and at first I was discouraged. But by the end of the day when I have recovered, my girth is all the way back plus some.

One thing constant about cock size, is, that it is never constant, flaccid or erect.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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