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Erect or flaccid kegel.

Erect or flaccid kegel.

I recently added kegels to my routine. However, I found that to get movement in my organ, I had to do them whilst erect. In the flaccid state, I got no movement through kegels. So to summarise, I do erect kegels.

Does anyone have any preferences or opinions on whether to perform kegels whilst erect or flaccid?

It doesn’t matter when you do them as long as you do them. You don’t necessarily want “movement” in your penis, which it will do when erect, you want to strengthen the muscle (BC) that kegels target.

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One great thing about kegels is you can do them anytime…driving, watching a movie, anytime! Flaccid or erect, it doesn’t matter! And you don’t need equipment or lube.

Do ‘em whenever you think about wanting a bigger, better dick!

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Yep your erection level does not come into play when doing kegels. The only thing to worry about is to actually do them.


Flex and hold for 20 seconds, without any other tension or muscles holding in your body, and breathing in a relaxed, normal fashion = 1. Do 50.

I find erections severely limit the possibility for full concentration and tend to be distracting unto themselves.

If you flex the muscle the same way you do to top stop a stream of urine but hold it tightly flexed for 20 seconds, without clenching any other muscles and maintaining a natural breathing rhythm you both help to strengthen your erection and focus your breath… both will pay off in your sex life.

‘Moving’the penis when you flex… maybe not so much.

If you’re flaccid you can do them just about anywhere. With an erection… not so much.

But, of course, it’s better to do them than to not do them.

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