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Erect Kegals - A Good Thing?

Erect Kegals - A Good Thing?

So we all the know the wonders of doing Kegals from all the info that’s out there but personally I struggle to isolate the right muscles. Except when I am erect. Then I find that it feels very natural to contract, firm up my erection to max, hold it and release.

Since I have been doing newbie work I am finding I can hold them longer and afterwards I don’t lose so much EQ. So things are improving.

I’m wondering if it is better to be doing my Kegal exercises like this where I feel them working or to work at trying to isolate the muscle better at other times if it’s a better long term aim.


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I do erect kegeling exercises all the time, especially in between my pumping sets and I find them to be very beneficial at increasing the strength of my erections. So yeah, it’s definitely a good thing.

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I like erect kegels because of feeling and expansion. Can’t say anything about benefits/disadvantages.

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You are right when erect is easier to isolate the different muscles. I feel that the contractions are also stronger during an erection.

Its very common for me to stimulate an erection because i want to exercise kegels.

Yes to erect kegels

Longer, thicker, tighter, deeper

Glad to know that this is well used!

I’m hoping that as the muscles develop I will be able to get enough control to manage these flaccid too as can then be more productive while commuting to work etc.

Starting Feb 2019: BPEL: 7.5inch MSEG: 5inch EQ 8/10

Goal: BPEL: 8inch MSEG: 5.5inch EQ: dialed up to 11!

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