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Erect Jelqs

Erect Jelqs

I’m 22 and I have been doing jelqs and clamps for more than a year right now, and it gave me more length and girth. The results gave me more motivation to keep doing it.
My dick is used to the training for quite a while now, why is it not recommended to do an erect jelq? I thought I’d read somewhere in this forum that it would then focus more on girth than rather length.
Normally when my dick gets hard, I always relax before jelqing again. I also want to try an erect jelq, would like to hear your opinions on this one.


One time I continued jelqing even though I became erect. The result was little dark red spots all over my glans. They went away after a few days but they were ugly.

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Originally Posted by dickerschwanz

Its just more intense. So start slowly.

Cheers for the answer mate.

It’s the only form of jelqing I practice.

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Originally Posted by Titleist

It’s the only form of jelqing I practice.

Thanks man, I really appreciate you took your time to answer my question :)

Don’t erect jelq brotha its not recommended. If you want to gain girth do some squeezes at around 90% 95% and if you do jelq do some dry jelqing and don’t do it for nor than 25 minutes less is better. Erect jelqing puts too much stress on the penis very easy to burst veins then you’ll have rest for 4-5 days to heal. You don’t want that you want your penis to stay strong and to always exercising(PEing).

I’m trying to save you from injury brotha. The first time I did erect jelqs after 10 strokes I busted a vein on the top and bottom of my shaft. Had to wait a whole week to heal, that’s a whole week wasted with no PE😒.

"Just jelq"

Be careful, it is an advanced technique. I think if you work into it slowly, i.e. mind the pressure of your grip and slowly increase it over the course of several sessions to find out how much you can handle, I think you should be fine.

I know many people manage to do erect jelqs, even clamped jelqs, without injuring themselves. But the smart ones built up to that over time.


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