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Erect Jelqing

Erect Jelqing

Would like some advice on the following please. Been mainly jelquin now for nearly two months. I’ve found a nice extra bit to my session and was wondering what type of gains if any it could give me. I enjoy doing this as part of my normal routine. I put a light clamp around the base of my unit and lube up with Vaseline then milk my erect seven inch shaft nice and slow. What should I expect from this added bit. Will it help say with girth gain? I’ve read that you shouldn’t jelque when erect, why? Many thanks for your replies.

It’s very dangerous! If you like you dick the way it is just relax and take time!

Never Jelq erect!

I don’t know about “never”, but you should certainly be cautious. Jelq Squeezes are similar to this, although probably not as intense as with clamping. My advice would be take it easy: if you have been Jelqing (and I’ll assume PEing?) for only two months, then A) you are not ready for clamping and B) you are not ready for anything this extreme. Once you are properly conditioned, then an exercise like this may help with Girth gains, but I would expect some spotting and soreness.

Long story short: I would recommend against this particular activity for the time being, but no one knows your dick like you do. If you insist on doing it anyway, then I would only do it occasionally, like once a week, and as with all PE exercises I would stop at the first hint of injury.

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If your penis is not conditioned yet, I would say stay away from doing erect jelqing. You have a much higher chance to get hurt.

Wait at least until three months / after the newbie routine.

The newbie routine can get you those first quick gains. You do not want to overdo it and lose out on those gains, or get hurt. Ride that newbie routine for all the gains you can get before trying new exercises.

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