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Equipment to start out with

Equipment to start out with

Hello everybody I am going to be starting doing PE, I am going to buy Magna-RX which is supposed to increase blood flow huge in the penis. I am going to do the newbie routine and also do clamping and hanging. And don’t worry I am going to have plenty of rest so I don’t hurt myself, like 1 day on 1 day off 1 day on 2 days off, Give plenty of rest and be extremely careful clamping and hanging so I don’t’ hurt myself.

But my question is this, What equipment should I buy for maximum effects? Which hanger? Which wrap, Just whatever I need, Whats everything I can buy to just start off fully from day 1? Thats my question thanks for the feedback.

Scrap the pills, they are of little value. Leave the hanging and clamping for three or four months down the road. Follow the Newbie Routine. The only “equipment” you need at this point is lube and your hands.

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I’m new aswell, and very shortly after I started with the newbie routine, I thought ‘screw it, I’m going to hang, I want fast gains’.


Doing those exercises when your penis is not conditioned by a newbie routine can seriously hurt. I’m glad I stopped when I did otherwise I’m sure I’d have some serious damage down there.

Since then I have been doing the simple exercises such as stretching and jelqing and I can already see some gains.

Always warm up too.


Need anyone say anymore ??



Always warm up too.


This is hugely imprtant. Heat will draw blood to the area, and make the tissue more pliable. The warm-up recommended in the newbie routine should be considered a minimum.

Personally I recommend a 15-20 minute warm-up, in keeping with the physical therapy ideal, and then sustained heat throughout the routine.

Any of the penis supplements that are specifically marketed as such are WAY overpriced and make promises that can’t be true.

Those supplements do promote blood flow and vasodilation, but for their price..?

The labels reveal the usual suspects of herbal ingredients. If you research you can buy these much cheaper and increase effectiveness to boot.

None of them will grow your dick, but a few might improve erection quality.

L-Arginine is an amino acid and vasodilator. You can buy NoX-2 and get far superior ‘penis’ results with this alone.

Yohimbe will also promote blood flow as well as being a natural energy boost. (FYI: too much of this can cause hallucinations and can be fatal - don’t worry the recommended doses found in most yohimbe supplements are far from either of these side effects, but it’s good to know - more is not better).

Ginseng. Good quality ginseng will help your aerobic function and should also be noticeable in terms of your erection. Organic Panax Ginseng is very good. You can get it in pills or a liquid. The stuff will boost energy and increase blood flow to some degree.

Maca Root seems to increase my semen load (as does Arginine - provided I drink a lot of water as well).

As far as tongkat ali, avena sativa, and others, I am unclear as to their efficacy.

One last thing. Vig-Rx and Magna-Rx and these other penis pills, while listing their ingredients, often say “A proprietary blend” which means you don’t know how much of which ingredients you are getting. Further, you have no idea of the quality of these ingredients.

If you want to look into supplements do extensive reading.

Also, if you are in your 20’s … do you need this stuff? Probably not.

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