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EQ success

EQ success

I am a diabetic (15 years) and my ED has been increasing for the past 10 years. I have been taking supplements for about three years ( some minor success with the usual suspects). I began some minor PE techniques and pumping - air and water) about two months ago. Until this morning, in order to get a decent erection I needed to take 100 mg of Viagra and use a cock ring. Still the best I could do was 85-90% on a good day.

Last week I began following avocet8’s “mini pumps” routine for ed sufferers. I than took 24 hours off until last night. Before bed I did three cycles. I also did three cycles this morning followed by a 100mg Viagra. After 40 minutes my erection was about 95 percent of my younger life. I lubed it up and slowly entered my wife from the rear. She was still a bit groggy from sleep so I just cuddled up and stayed in her for the next 45 minutes with a full erection, using kegels now and then to keep it hard.

May not sound exciting for some of you but, for the past five years I have never been able to maintain even an 85-90% erection for more than 20 minutes (cock rings restrict erection time to 20 - 30 minutes). So a 45 minute 95% erection for me was awesome. I was still hard for another five minutes after I pulled out.

To rewarded my penis by treated it to a low pressure 15 minuter warm water pump.

Thanks avocet8. I hope this is not a one time fluke. I will keep you posted. If success continues, I will begin reducing my Viagra dosage.

Great to hear man. Congrats!


Great (y) .. Keep posting for the sake of others

2014-09-30: FL 3.0 ; FG 3.5 ; EL 6.000 ; EG 4.500 ; E.Width 1.432 ; E.Vol 9.669 (Stretches, Jelqing)

2014-10-01: FL 3.0 ; FG 3.5 ; EL 6.000 ; EG 4.750 ; E.Width 1.512 ; E.Vol 10.773 (Stretches, Jelqing)

2014-11-23: FL 3.0 ; FG 4.0 ; EL 6.000 ; EG 5. ; E.Width 1.592 ; E.Vol 11.937 (Just Vacuum Pumping)


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