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EQ quality

EQ quality

Any advice would help guys.. Recenty I had bad EQ do to I think when I added in clamping, well stopped that for now. An took 3weeks off PE. Till I got about 90% erection back. Started my routen back but cut it in half .well my EQ went back down some I’m at like 80% can’t get rock hard no more. An its hard to get aroused .less touching it an still takes a few. I’m only doing 10 minute warm ups with 7 minute jelqs an 3 minute ulis , then 7 minute warm down 2 days on 1 day off. An I probably do 250 kegels a day. Just can’t seem to get my EQ back up, an I’m not turting good flaccid hang , an get erections threw the day if I stimulate myself just not rock hard feels soft. I get no erection at night tho just good flaccid hang when I wake up. But I don’t sleep well much anymore either I toss an turn a lot an wake up. Any help here what’s going on?

Try laying off the kegels a bit. 250 a day is a lot. Overworking the PC muscle leads to bad EQ.

Guess I’ll take a brake then an see what happens . I’ve been doing kegels for years ,so didn’t think 250 was much, I built myself up to that. But I see if I’m haven low EQ those won’t help if I need to rest too. Thanks guys

Lots of kegeling contributed to my low EQ, I feel. That isn’t to say that kegels are bad, but I started becoming overly sensitive, clenching the muscles involuntarily all the time. Reverse kegels (do a search) really help with that; in fact, when I’m jelqing and start to lose my erection, I can reverse kegel and “reinflate” my dick.

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