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EQ, Overtraining

EQ, Overtraining

you do a routine and your life is cool even if not gaining.
So you jump your routine and your EQ goes down.
If you continue the routine won’t your penis adapt to the effort and won’t the erection return to the previous level of EQ?
I pushed my routine up and maybe my EQ is around 7 were before it was higher.
Is it wrong if every week i push it up even more? Won’t the penis adapt?
I’m thinking of pushing it up until December ( that’s when my second newbie routine will end) then take a couple of weeks break and start with more agressive stuff.

My 2 on 1off routine is:

5m warm up
18 m stretching ( various directions)
5m wam up
260 wet jelqs
8m pumping
40 dry jelqs

I’m taking around 90 minutes to do each session.

I’m thinking about this because a couple months ago i started running around 20m/30m 6 days a week and i always feel tired but continued doing it.
Now i’m feeling i’m becoming less and less tired, doesn’t that mean that my body is adapting to the effort?
So it wasn’t wrong to reduce the amount of training and maybe it’s the same with the penis.

I’m i thinking wrong or what?

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If you start to lose EQ it usually means you are overtraining, ie you are putting, or pulling. too much pressure .

Try easing of the strength you apply in your exercising, and see if that allows higher EQ

(PS can you use I instead of i when referrring to yourself please).



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