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EQ loss while jelqing

EQ loss while jelqing

Hi all,

Every time I try to jelq I lose my EQ from maybe 80% to 10-20%. Within just a few strokes this occurs. I have a strong EQ otherwise. I have frequent nite and morning wood and maintain a full erection during sex, but for the life of me cannot stay hard for jelqing.

Does anyone else have this issue? I see all the time guys talking about what to do if your EQ is too high when jelqing but never what to do if it won’t persist.

Thanks in advance

Are you dry or wet jelqing and are you cut or in cut? Don’t know if that info will help some of the more experienced chaps..

I wet jelq and since I’m going for length I usually just start doing it after stretching (newbie routine), so I begin with a low erection level typically. By the end of 10 min or so I’m usually around 70%, though there’s probably around +/-10% variation. My “achieved” erection is the product of a focused carefully clamping grip while I jelq. I focus on getting a good stretch at the glans (and good engorgement there) while creating a firm grip at the base at the end of each jelq while carefully gather the skin downward (I have a tendency towards a chicken neck). So my increase in erection level is much more “mechanical” than “physiological.” I am cut and can’t duplicate this effect dry; dry jelqing absolutely confounds me.

I have this problem as well. I am in circumcised so I don’t know if that is the problem? I find myself having to crack one off every minute or so to get my EQ back. Even tried watching porn which helped a bit but not a great deal. I will be watching this thread with interest.

The inability to control the level of erection (whether too high or too low) is very common when starting out. It takes some time for your penis to adjust, 6-8 weeks or so in my case. When i first started, I would kegel blood into my penis at the end of the stroke before I placed the second hand at the base. It helped maintain engorgement until i could consistently do it without kegeling.(Side note since it’s been mentioned, I am circumcised as well.)

Started (6-10-12) BPEL: 7.000", NBPEL: 6.0" EG: not certain

Current (10-20-13) BPEL: 7.75", NBPEL: 6.375", EG: 4.875"

Goal: NBPEL: 7.5", EG: 5.5"

I am doing wet jelqs, and I am cut. I also have used kegels to try to maintain an engorgement and it does, but my cock doesn’t remain hard. Just nice and fluffy.

When I first started my penis would either get too hard or die down on me. Now after 5 weeks I can maintain my desired erection throughout jelging with maybe 3-4 “adjustments”. Just wait, your little guy will adjust

Starting 20/02/2013: NBPEL 6 inches; EG 5,85 inches

Current : 7.2 NBPEL

Second Goal : NBPEL 8 inches; EG 6 inches

I start wet jelqing just after manual stretches. On my fourth week of PE still doing the newbie routine. Start flaccid and works up to 60-80% erect. Don’t seem to have trouble maintaining this state.

Started PE 6/14/13. BPEL 6.5", NBPEL 5.5", MSEG 4.75"

7/18/13 BPEL 6.75, NBPEL 5.75, MSEG 4.875

8/9/13 BPEL 7", NBPEL 6", MSEG 4.875

You misunderstand EQ.

EQ is an evaluation of Erectile QualitieS, plural of quality. It is used to evaluated the total health or state of your penis. It is NOT just how hard you are at the moment. Please read the thread by the same name, posted at the bottom of my post to get the concept.

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I’ve been doing this for about 5 months and have kind of the same problem of losing an erection fairly quick when jelqing. I actually just brought a pocket pussy for this very reason and give it a few strokes to get harder again (doing Mem’s routine, after each horse).

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