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Ha I definately don’t need Enzyte, but as well as the sexual stamina improvements it is supposed to offer, I have seen that it can increase size? So I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this, and say.. If I took my free months supply pills, once every day would I increase in size? Or just get hornier and longer lasting ha ha.

Just save money and time, do some research on the forum and start PE. The Newbie routine is a good place to start.


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You would probably see neither size nor libido increases.

Do a search for Enzyte or penis pills or check out the thread link list at the bottom of this page.

None of them will make you bigger. They might make you a bit hornier but if that is what you are after simply buy the active ingredients from an online wholesaler for pennies on the dollar.

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Originally Posted by dute

Just save money and time, do some research on the forum and start PE. The Newbie routine is a good place to start.

Best advise here…

The only significant effect of Enzyte is a very noticable decrease in your bank balance.

Don’t give money to scum bag snake oil salesmen.

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You may as well just take a multi vitamin.

Enzyte is quite mild for the type of pill it is. I think it mostly relies on placebo effect, although it does have small amounts of herbs which do have certain erection enhancing properties.

With any pill the ‘size increase’ is negligible and due only to firmer erections. These pills also don’t really do much for ‘stamina’ in the sense of lasting longer. In fact they can have the opposite effect of making you overly sensitive and quick to ejaculate. Breathing techniques, kegeling, and really learning your body’s arousal patterns (and what to do when they begin to peak) is what will truly help you achieve stamina.

What these type of pills do is promote blood flow and sensitivity to stimulation.

For blood flow nitrogen boosters are much better. NoX-2, and other such things, should do the trick much more effectively. Yohimbe will also promote blood flow and sensitivity to stimulation. One has to be careful with it as high doses can have bad side effects. The yohimbe content in Enzyte is really small (I’m guessing to avoid law suits).

But Enzyte’s way too expensive for what it is.

Most of the pills that are pre-fab propriety blends of herbal preparations are over priced. Vig-RX … all of them.

If you must take something, Twin Labs makes something called ‘Male Fuel with Yohimbe.’ It’s WAY better than these pills advertised on the TV or Radio, and it’s cheaper. It includes a significant dose of L-Arginine (the active ingredient in NoX-2) as well as Zinc, various vitamins and herbs, a decent, but not dangerous amount of Yohimbe.

Enzyte is really crap.

If you are really interested in these herbal enhancers I suggest you do the following: make a list of the ingredients listed on any of these pills and then research each thing with regard to it’s benefits and side effects. So when you go to buy something you can read the label and have some idea of if it’s an effective dose.

You can buy the ingredients individually at GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe or a health food store and experiment a little too.

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