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Enough with the lurking

Enough with the lurking

I’ve been studying this whole site for the last month or so, I mean really reading everything and following every link. I didn’t want to start asking questions that have been answered over and over again, though I suspect I will anyway. I started using a max-xtender about 3 weeks ago, I know about the problems,complaints, and dangers but I can honestly report that it only causes me mild discomfort and my head only cools but never gets cold or discolored. I wear it 2 to 3 hours a day followed by a mild jelq session to get the blood moving real good and to engorge the head. Anyway, I’ve spent today reading about L.O.T. And I think my head may explode (the one on the shoulders) I read and reread the entry’s concerning how to determine ones LOT but I can’t get mine, I can honestly report that I seem to have the same glans movement all around the clock. And I mean visual movement of the head not feel, If there’s any variation it’s that it’s weakest (barely measurable) at the very top and bottom 12-6 and strongest at 3. I read many questions about erect angle and weather it means anything, but no conclusive answers, but my erections seem to stand at about 10:30 to 11 , no bend, it just seems that when hard my ligs tighten a lot giving me some hope of a high lot and some early easy gains by stretching ligs instead of that pesky and stubborn tunica. I have been seeing result from my program, my flaccid look has improved to a lovely locker room hang and I don’t feel the urge to touch my thighs to the outside of urinals to hide my shame anymore. I think I’m gaining girth, it just fells thicker in my hand, and I may have gotten about 1/8th in erect length if my measuring can be trusted, I don’t trust it though because I know me and I’m not to be trusted. I move the xtender all around while wearing it but it’s seems to me that because of the bell like shape of the thing that it pretty much works the tunica and not so much the ligs. If you can find a question in this rambling narrative you win, now answer it. If you find an area requiring advise please offer some, but mostly thanks to all ya’ll for the education thus far, if I don’t raise my hand often it won’t mean I’m not paying attention, it’ll just mean you are good teachers.

Welcome to Thunder’s and great success in your PE endeavor.

There is a great deal of information on this site. Some you will find to be helpful, Some you won’t. Always listen to your body to determine what feels right and what doesn’t.

I’m a “lurker” also and not a frequent poster. Maybe when I come close to reaching my goal I will be more communicative, but for now I don’t feel qualified to do any more than welcome you.


Don’t worry about LOT therory at this point. You can get into that later, if you want.

Welcome out of Lurkerdom.



I don’t know why people wait so long to join, it’s not like we bite here……just nibble. ;)

Maybe I don't like it, but I have no choice

I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

Eh, it’s all good. I joined in late July, but didn’t start on my PE until the 1st of October. I didn’t speak until this month.

It’s the same with me, I joined in August, but I also do not want to ask the questions that have been answered before. I have had no problems so far with the newbie routine, and the problems/questions that I have, can be answered by the search function.

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