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Enough Debunking, Time to Post

Enough Debunking, Time to Post

Hi all, I’ve finally decided to take the leap and break free from my lurking ways. I’ve been a member here at Thunder’s for about a year and a half now and have been PEing since I joined, although not nearly as consistently as I would like due to privacy issues (college roommates, girlfriend, etc.). That being said, my inspiration to post comes after the recent ‘debunking’ thread and this whole idea that PE does not work because it isn’t “scientifically” possible. So I have decided to share with you all my pro PE journey and experiences.

I started PE in the fall of ‘09 after discovering thundersplace while browsing the net searching for a way to naturally enlarge my member, and I am SO thankful that I found you guys! There are so many websites out there claiming PE techniques that are out there just to make you feel inadequate and to take your money making ridiculous claims of 4” in 4 weeks and other nonsense, well this site just reaffirms my belief that the best things in life are FREE. The community and knowledge here at Thunder’s is second to none, there are so many here willing to help and share their experiences and wisdom and ask for nothing in return. So to all posters here, thank you for your time and contributions to this wonderful thing we like to call PE.

Anyways, I have never felt like I have a large penis, though I have never had a comment to say otherwise as some here have, I cannot imagine how much that would shake your self confidence. My starting stats were BPEL 6.8” and around 5” MSEG, definitely not small as I have come to learn, but being a fairly tall individual (6’4”“) my penis always seemed small to me. So I began my PE journey with a nothing to lose attitude, figuring what the hell what’s the worst that can happen? That I don’t make any gains? It’s just like the old saying ‘you never know until you ask, what’s the worst thing they can say? No? You don’t know until you try and wow, all I can say is IT WORKS.

I have literally run the gamut with my PE techniques, I started with the newbie routine and saw some quick length gains, not much if any in the way of girth (I believe I’m a hard girth gainer). Due to the privacy issues I mentioned stretching was the only exercise I could really do for several months on any consistent basis, I would jelq when I could, but probably only 2 days a week. Looking for girth I invested in a pump, but again only saw temporary girth gains, I did gain some length from pumping however. I stopped pumping a few months ago because I cracked my cylinder :( and haven’t purchased a new one. So for the most part my routine has been length oriented, all manual stretches and variations of them ( V and A, bundled, bundled v and a, etc). About 2 months ago, desperate for girth I bought some cable clamps and began a clamping routine. All I can say is I LOVE IT! Thanks to BG, Aristocane, and all the other clampers here who have shared their knowledge! Since beginning clamping I’ve seen my first true girth gains, and suprisingly (or not as some report) I have also gained some length. The only PE methods I haven’t tried are hanging and the use of an extender as I continue to see length gains with manual stretching and am happy with my length for the most part.

Ok, so the part you have all been waiting for; my current stats are as follows: BPEL 7.625”, NBPEL 7”, MSEG 5.25, BG 5.625. And again, I have been PEing for about 18 months but I would say out of those only about 9 months have been effective training time. I can only imagine what size I would be at had I been able to exercise as much as I would have liked. I have gained not only size, but so much self confidence which really is the more important of the two. I still have my insecurites especially with girth but I now know that I have the ability to make my goals attainable, it just takes time and dedication, it isn’t gonna happen overnight. My long term goals are 8”+ BPEL and 6”+ MSEG, the latter of the two obviously is gonna take a lot of work, but I know that it can be done.

So to all those who say PE is not possible, I say read another first hand account of it WORKING, swelling does not explain a length gain of nearly an inch, and even with taking weeks off, sometimes even a month, I never lost any length. Doesn’t sound like swelling to me. For some gains come very easily, for others it’s extremely difficult. I tend to think I’m somewhere in the middle. No matter what kind of gainer you are though, you have to be consistent and disciplined with your routines and especially important is to CORRECTLY perform the exercises. Do the reading, watch the videos, all the information you need to gain is HERE. So quit complaining, and get to gaining!!


Starting stats 11/2009: NBPEL=6.25" BPEL=6.75" MSEG=5.0" Current: NBPEL=7.125" BPEL=7.75 MSEG 5.5" BEG 6.0"

Congrats Zsquared and thanks for sharing your experience :) . What does your routine look like and how often do you train? Do you still notice growth or have you hit a plateau? Sorry for the 20 questions ;)

On and off since 2007

Started (October 2007) at: 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG

Last Did PE (March 2012) at: 6.00 BPEL x 5 EG

Hey growing09 don’t worry about asking questions, thats what this place is all about! Anyways, currently my routine consists of stretching and clamping, I try to be as consistent as a stealth PEer can be lol. But basically I warm up for 10 or so minutes using a rice sock, then do 10-15 minutes of manual stretches, usually one set of the 5 direction basic stretch to warm up a bit, then I get into doing 3-4 sets of bundled stretches straight out and straight down, and then I do I’m not sure the exact term for this stretch tunica tug possibly?? But what I do is perform your basic straight out stretch and while your member is stretched I take the thumb and index finger of my other hand and form an upside down ‘you’ and press down on the base so as to put all the stress on the tunica stretching it in two directions at once. I combine that same idea with bundled stretches also.

As I’m relatively new to clamping, I’m still trying to figure out what’s best for me in terms of number of sets and duration, but recently I have been doing 3-5 sets at about 10 minutes each, dry jelqing and massaging for about 5 minutes between sets, and of course applying HEAT. By my last set I usually see about half an inch of expansion, and recently under clamp hit 5.75” girth. After my workout I stay about 5 3/8-5.5” girth for the next several hours. But again I’m very new at clamping so before you try anything make sure and read Big Girtha’s thread on clamping (there are countless others but this to me is the best yet), very informative and lets you know that these exercises can be VERY dangerous if not done properly!

Starting stats 11/2009: NBPEL=6.25" BPEL=6.75" MSEG=5.0" Current: NBPEL=7.125" BPEL=7.75 MSEG 5.5" BEG 6.0"

Great motivation.

Start; January, 2011: Around 6.5" BPEL, 4.75" BEG, 4.5 MSEG

3/26/11: Failure to stay 100% for measurement.

Hey zsquared. Congrats bro on the gains. You are gaining nicely. You are definately right in saying that swelling doesn’t explain length gains. PE is real and I don’t see why people who join Thundersplace keep doubting that.

Anyway though. Good job dude. You should create a pic progress thread in the members pic section when you get a chance. This way you can have photo proof of your continued gains. Keep it up bro.

(Starting size) (NBPEL: 8 Inches), (BPEL: 8.5 Inches) (BPFSL: Didn't measure then), (Midshaft Girth: 5.2 Inches), (Base Girth: 5.5 Inches)
(Current size) (NBPEL: 9.3 Inches), (BPEL: 9.7 Inches), (BPFSL: 10.3 Inches), (Midshaft Girth: 5.8 Inches), (Base Girth: 6.35 Inches)
(Final Goal) To be the next Mandingo LOL.


Congratulations and welcome to the group of posting members! Nice gains - sounds like you’re doing well at it!

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"

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