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Enlighten Me

Enlighten Me

So I’m in the shower, just performed my 5 minute stretches. I go on to jelqing, about the 20Th jelq in a feel this warming sensation under my balls, where one of the ligaments is supposed to be. I don’t know whether this is a bad sign, a good sign or a neutral sign, so I was hoping someone with knowledge about PE exercising could tell me if I’m doing something wrong, or doing any healthy?


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It’s good to make a mental note of any unusual feelings and what you were doing just before you felt it, then if you get a problem within 24 hours or so, you remember what may have caused it. If you don’t get any negative consequences, you can ignore the feeling next time, or reassure anyone else who posts about it.

I’m assuming you were jelqing upwards or straight out? Personally I wouldn’t worry about it unless it was painful or felt ‘bad’. It’s probably neither good nor bad, just the tissues being stretched in a way they are not used to.

Please let us know tomorrow if any problems have developed though.

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Originally Posted by Sam init
feel this warming sensation under my balls

Was your dog in the shower with you?

Any pain?

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Sounds normal

Originally Posted by curiousjo

Was your dog in the shower with you?

That was funny.haha.

Lol no dog in the shower. That made me LOL.

Anyway, no pain at all.just a rather warm feeling that I didn’t know if I should be worried about. My second week in with no apparent gains so I thought the warmth may be a sign of growth of damage

''Get back on your feet!'' - Rhyme Asylum

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