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enlargement in general

enlargement in general

TO ANYONE, please give a new guy some advice. i have been pumping some, hand jelquing some and power jelquing some. ive been hanging some with weights and passivly with a large lock. lately i have noticed a slight gain in width but that’s about all. i am hanging a little better than before, which is great, however; i am looking for permanent gains. i’ve only been doing this a short time (2-3 weeks) but the slight gain in girth has given me some renwed hope. my pecker is about 4.5 erect with about 3.5 girth (i know, tell me about it). this forum has done wonders for me to continue with this routine but i would like some guidance from anyone who has seen substantial permanent gains. time is limited for me due to my work but recently i have been using the power jelque doing about 100. before doing that, i hang with 9 pounds, swinging the weight back and forth and around in circles. of course i have been warming up and down. i have one of those straps that attach to your leg and pull but it doesn’t seem to work that great, cant seem to keep it on. i use a large lock sometimes or 3 golf weights as recommended by someone from this forum. i hang with these for about an hour. please veterans of enlarging, help me with my routine so i can see some gains in length and girth. thank you very much


nala eyak

Don’t go overboard and hurt yourself. I started with something simlar to the Newbie routine. Gradually working up to 20 min stretch and 30 min jelq. I am still getting gains from this simple routine. 2.125+ in flaccid stretch length and 1.875+ in bpel.

0.625+ in girth. Good luck!!

btw, I moved the post to the newbie forum.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Luvdadus gave good advice. Since you currently have limited time for PE, try the newbie routine for a couple months and see how it works for you.

A newbie with only a few weeks of PE experience probably shouldn’t be swinging 9 lbs. from his pecker, and don’t get too carried away using the power jelq device either. It can apply more pressure than manual jelqing.

PE injuries often give no prior warning. Be careful. You should focus on developing a consistent routine and allow your dick time to condition before moving on to more intense and/or advanced exercises. However, you’re not in a race to see how quickly you can hang super heavy weight or do Wicked Wilmer’s Wacky Worm Wigglers. Instead, try to get all you can out of a given intensity. Only when it becomes ineffective should you bump it up a notch.

You’re already seeing some girth gains only a few weeks into PE. That’s excellent! Some guys don’t get results for months. Just remember more is not always better. Train smart.

Good luck. :)

enlargement in general

THANK YOU FOR THE ADVICE, i really do value advice from the vets who actually shown some gain. my reasoning for hanging 9 lbs. is that when performing the stretching (pulling of dick to stretch the ligs) i feel i am exerting about 9 pounds of pressure. i felt i could apply that same pressure constantly for about 10 minutes as a replacement for the stretch. what are your thoughts?


There are some that feel that a pe’er should stick to manual methods untill they no longer produce gains, then move on to adding other modalities such as hanging or pumping. Many pumping and hanging enthusiasts think that one can go right into hanging. browse the hangers forum, perhaps you could get some input from some of the guys that begun with and only do hanging.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I’m new to this website myself, and I would like some techniques to use..or excersises, Thanks

One for starters, but.....

…be careful.

“Size” is one of the veterans around here, so I suggest you start out with half of his regimen and use less intensity in order to NOT hurt yourself. Just be patient and build up intensity gradually, bro.

Sizemeister’s Routine - from old PE Forums on EZ Board

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

enlargement in general

THANKS FOR THE HELP, all is appreciated. i guess @ 54 y.o.a. you start to feel a little crunched for time but i understand what you are and will head your advice.



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