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Enlarged vein near headorgan damage

Enlarged vein near headorgan damage

I have recently developed a large vein near the head. It’s sensitive, and hard. I have stopped doing pe for the last few days. It’s improved a lot, but it’s still tender and enlarged. Especially when erect. I am hoping that it will go back to normal. I am sometimes worried that it’s damaged forever.

I also came across some web page which said that any stretching of the penis could cause organ damage, not just damage to the penis. Especially the kidney, by pulling on the penis via pumping or hanging the ureter to the kidney is also being pulled. That is something I never thought about honestly. I have never done hanging. So I am wondering if there is any truth to that. This web page made it sound potentially life threatening or at the very least debilitating to some basic life functions.

I can’t say its all rubbish but I know if you start out slow and work your way up you will definitely not have to worry about your kidney being affected. Can you post such information?

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aegi, The enlarged vein is a thrombosis. Use a warm rice sock several times a day.Don’t exercise.

If it doesn’t improve in a few days, see your urologist . Can’t have you injured.

As far as the pumping and hanging damaging the ureter, you’d have to pull your dick off before that

would happen.

Use the search function.

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Bluray, I can’t find the exact webpage again for some reason.

Dookie9, I have a nice gel pack. I warmed that up, I have it on the area as I write. It feels a lot better already. Thank you for suggesting that. The webpage I found showed a photo of what appeared to be very extreme pumping. I don’t know if extreme pumping will lead to healthy gains. I can believe that regular pumping might, and moderate that that. I don’t know if you would have to pull your dick off to do damage to something.

I remember reading about some damage someone sustained from doing some intense hanging. He had been doing it for years also. I don’t know what exactly was damaged, but the doctor told him to start looking for another hobby. It wasn’t pretty reading about his experience. He was in the hospital for a few days with a catheter. What brought him in was urinating blood. But he was also doing drugs, and wearing a clamp while having sex, also doing pumping, clamping and hanging in one day. So, maybe it was just too much for anyone .

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