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'End of the ruler' Protocol


Originally Posted by petitfaun
There’s no policy Tinyman. But if you want an accurate measurement then subtract the edge amount fromn the length you observe.

Or saw off the offending bit.

Good advice thanks petit.

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Originally Posted by aom91
I live in Canada, so no Target. I guess Office Depot would be Staples here? Anyway, I went there I got wooden rulers with about 1/4” space. Other rulers have 1/8” or something of space. Will make another run tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about the Staples (Office Depot is a different chain)

Just try any discount store — maybe something good in the “Back to School” area. Eventually you will find one that starts at zero. Just look around whenever you are shopping any way…maybe even at the grocery or drug store.

I like the heavy metal rulers you can get in a hardware store. The edge is thicker so it doesn’t cut into you as much when you bone press. I found a black metal one with white marks and numbers, which is really visible in pictures. Of course you can use any stick or dowel, and use any ruler to make your own marks at quarter inch increments, for example.

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