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Emu Oil for Girth Gains?

Emu Oil for Girth Gains?

Has anyone tried Emu Oil for an after workout conditioner? During my lube research I have found many websites that qoute “Emu oil has been proven to help build healthy skin by encouraging cell reproduction, thus thickening fragile skin by as much as 14%.” Sounds like this may help with turtleing and add a small amount of girth… anyone have experience with this stuff? Looks super healthy and if it plumps the dingle ~ its a no brainer!

It’s probably as effective as chicken fat. I wouldn’t trust information from a site that sells emu oil or from site reporting patents involving emu oil. Here are two examples. One site sells “pure” emu oil for $22 per ounce (30 ml) and the other sells “pure” emu oil for $34 per 8 ounces (240 ml). Why such a difference? Could one be diluted with other ingredients? Could both be less than truthful about what they’re actually selling?…-Oil-p-254.html

If it does anything to the skin, it probably makes it retain water. Retained water in the skin would not be significant enough to help with girth gains.

About emu oil claims from a university site:…article239.html


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