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Emotional pain at being small


Emotional pain at being small

Ok Guys,

I want to ask a bunch of tech questions, but I”m sure they’ve all been asked before, so here’s my question.

How do you deal with being insecure and not confident with yourself for the 2 - 10 years it takes to become a decent size??

I barely date now because I feel like once we get to the bedroom I will disappoint..

How do you guys deal with feelings of insecurity?


Cheetah 4

SHI* dude I know what you mean!
I had a real damn hard time with that.
I didn’t have sex with any one for over a year then it just happened and it was ok, but I was almost impotent for about 6 months of being with this girl (because I was soo insecure) even though she was getting the Os lots.
I don’t know how man, you just get used to it.
Also finding a girl that falls for you as in YOU, who you are on the inside and being cool with you helps a lot too, I am lucky here.
Iv been with this girl for a year n six now and I still feel insecure and this messes things up sometimes but it’s a lot easier to deal with nowdays though.
You just kind of get used to and over it.
Good luck my man, from the bottom of my heart, I feel for all the apparently not so big guys out there coz I’m one of you guys too.
One day my man, one day, our time will come.

Take it easy Bro

You know, it’s really funny:
When I joined Thunder’s I was about as insecure as you are..
But this literally vanished within 2 or 3 months of discussing PE workouts, dick sizes, dick pictures, zaneblue’s posts ;) , etc..

Today I can actually see someone way bigger than me in the lower department ;) and literally just see it (acknowledging that it is what it is.. and that’s about it.. No biggie etc.).

Maybe that’s just me.. Or maybe this is just part of doing PE: Finding the knowledge, getting a more natural relationship with your dick.. Or something like it :)

Good luck with your gains,

I am insecure with my height that is about it. 5’7” and counting!

I feel like making my dick bigger can make up somewhat for me being vertically challenged, I will just become a giant.. Horizontally, if you get my drift. Haha

I have had one girl before tell me she really liked my penis. She told me it was a pretty dick. She also told me about this guy that she had always thought was really hot. She said he always had a big bulge, but when they first hooked up he actually had a really skinny dick like a broom handle or something. She then proceeded to tell me mine was a lot girthier. Well I am not even 5” in girth, but it sure made me feel good. I told her I was doing PE to make it bigger, and she said she liked it how it was but bigger would be cool. Then she told me about this guy she dated and she couldn’t even get her hand around it, which kind of took away from the compliment. I still remember that though. This was just a good friend that I fuck occasionally, but I think it is cool because we are really open about anything to each other especially anything sexually related.

5/16/06 - BPSFL: 7" BPEL: 6.5" EL: 6" EG: 4.75"

Goal - 7.5"x5.5"

"If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all."

Be optimistic! PE will make it real long :) . Just understand it and make it follow your way. It will grow.

Being “smaller” sucks. I’ve been on a couple of forums..with Measurection as the main one, and there’s nothing that will ever convince you that you’re ok in the size department…….other than you!

I JUST had my wife give me a hand (JOB) because it’s that time for her….and I just literally hate not having a nice “thicker” and “longer” cock. I’m still embarrassed with my size even after knowing her for 25 years!

For a couple of years I went through the “I’m normal phase…and that was cool”. But from time to time we look at video, pics, hear stories from other women about “their men” and all of a sudden our insecurities all come back.

I’ve surfed this website on and off for a few years and started to try some PE today. Warm towel, 75% erections, KY lube the whole deal. I did some jelqing and I just couldn’t get past the fact that this is SOOOOOOO much work to get my 5.5 x 4.5 cock to what I consider a “DECENT” size!

Even when I came to “terms with my size”…it’s always a struggle to think that we HAVE TO DO WORK to be where we want to be. It’s just not fair is it?

Women can get a “boob job” and have a 36C anyday for $5,000. I’d pay twice that to be at 6.5 x 5.5 and refinance my house in a second.

Stupid MF’n roll of the dice in this realm known as LIFE.

Nobody said, “life was fair”.

Simply Frustrated…………………

I can certainly understand what you all in here are saying. I was small in the dick department, but huge in the weight department, which made life for me very miserable. I have put on almost 3 inches in length in 3 years and am very pleased at what has happened to me. Don’t let your size get you down, though.

Being able to be happy with what you got is one thing, but also wanting more and acting on it is a huge plus. I know that you can be happy with whatever you are given in life, but all of us seem to always want what someone else has. We all have watched the porno of the guy with the huge penis shooting a big load in a willing woman’s mouth, and for some reason, many of us think that this is what we should compare our sex lives to. Don’t fool yourself. If sex was really like they make it out to be, there would be no problems with getting our women to swallow, take anal, fuck 5 guys at once.etc.

So be confident with what you have, but always be willing to work at what you want. That’s all I can say.


I know, sometimes I just wish I was a girl so I wouldn’t have to worry about such things as the size of my dick. I could just focus on my weight and makeup and hair and throwing up and being pregnant, actually having a baby,where I buy my cloths, the size of my boobs, (which I could buy), etc. Etc.

Actually, when I look at it that way, it’s nice only having to worry about how big my dick is. Hey and I recently read in a magazine, which I will not state that name of because I don’t want to look like a pervert who thinks about sex all the time and worries about women’s perception of his dick, that there are actually many women out there who kind of have a small dick fetish. So maybe, just maybe, we should just be happy and realize that whether or not we have a two inch penis or 13 inch X 7 inch penis, that we are still men, and that is a million times better than being a woman.

By the way, I am in the middle of a four page research paper over gun control for my college english class and I just took 4 200 mg. Pills of caffeine, but don’t worry, they are as safe as 8 cups of coffee, mmm.. Coffee, but that could be why I just spent 10 minutes writing something that probably has nothing to do with anything. But I guess it is my philosophy on the acceptance of having a slightly less than average dick. Hell, I should just write this research paper on PE across America.

It’s amazing how such a little (pun intended) thing can mess us up emotionally. I know a handful of people with MONSTERS in their pants and I just wonder.why not me? Why were THEY so fortunate? Hey! That’s what this site is for!

I agree jmag, and the thing is, they don’t realize what they have. I know a guy who, according to his ex girlfriend has a ten inch penis that was too fat to fit inside her. And you know what this ungrateful bastard does, he sits at home all day and plays computer games. If my penis was that big, I would be out all day talking to dirty sluts. Then all I would have to do, is flash them my penis, and we be off to my house to fornicate. I think that every man with an average penis or smaller should kill every man that has a large penis so we could lower the average and become big ourselves.

The worst part is some people would KILL to be my’s all relative!

It’s a crazy world out there. Maybe some of us were made with small penises for a reason. Maybe God realized that if everyone had 12 inch dicks, that the world would be one giant orgy. He knew that there would have to be men who contributed to society by being leaders or inventing things to help people, so he made men with small penises who could focus on the “importuned” things. So maybe we should just accept our role in the world and go make a cure for AIDS or something.

Ahh.. Hell, who am I kidding, I would love to be in a giant orgy all day for the rest of my life.

Originally Posted by Shagnasty
. And you know what this ungrateful bastard does, he sits at home all day and plays computer games. If my penis was that big, I would be out all day talking to dirty sluts.

Well, it depends on the mentality and lifestyle of the person. Size has nothing to do with having sex to some people. So bigger doesn’t necessarily have more sex. For example, I consider sex just a part of life and never everything nor the biggest part and I will still think the same no matter how big I get. As a matter of fact I value and love other things way more than sex but those things are definitely not video or computer games lol.

It could be said that the best thing to be is happy with yourself. Assume PE doesn’t exist or doesn’t work or at least won’t work for you. Don’t count on it to solve all your problems.

Make a big fucking deal about gains because they might never have happened.

At any rate, try to reconcile your feelings with reality and come to terms with the fact that a small dick is not the end of the world. Like some people want to be rich or whatever, you can’t count on it coming true to give your life meaning - you can always try your best but be happy with whatever results you get or at least the effort you put in to get there!

I was actually fine with my size until I joined this forum and found out in some ways I was on the lower end. My length was fine at 6.75-7 NBPEL, but my girth is only around 4.25. Now that I know how amazingly different 5 feels (it gets up around there during clamping) it makes me feel shitty about what I’ve got.

I’m working on it but gains are slow in coming. Even after 5 months or so of fairly consistent PE I’m only seeing stronger erections and no size increases.


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