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Elongation Bars

Elongation Bars

I just bought an extender and I went oh shit I need more “elongation bars”. I was thinking you must be able to buy these at a home depot store or somewhere similar. Does anyone know where, I don’t really want to pay 50 dollars for a couple of rods! Thanks guys

I am sure you can find something with the same thread at either a Home Depot or Ace Hardware. If you take one of the rods to Ace and ask for help, that would probably be the fastest.

Ok I will have a look. Thanks. I do live in Australia tho lol. If anyone has elongation bars that they are not using I would like to buy them off you!! :D :D Please private message me guys. Cheers thanks

Which extender did you buy?

Penimaster comes with 30 cm. rods. That’s 12 inches.

If your FSL is more perhaps you should reevaluate your need for stretching?

I would e_mail the seller and ask him for more rods.

It seems like a packaging mistake. It happens.

I got an empty box once.

Customer service people were not super nice (I guess, they did not believed me)

but I received the replacement couple of days later.



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