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Elliptical Machine.

Elliptical Machine.

I know this has been asking a million times but I hope no one will mind one more post. I have been using the elliptical machine for long periods of time.

My question is, could using the machine shrink your penis?

I have always been curious about that.

Any type of demanding physical exertion can TEMPORARILY shrink your penis as your body pulls some blood away from places, like your penis, where it isn’t needed as urgently, so it can direct more blood to the muscles doing the work. Why in the hell would you think this would result in permanent shrinkage?

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Hey helel, mushroom is right blood flow will temporarily be flushed to the working muscles, ESPECIALLY LEG MUSCLES which is what the elliptical works. It won’t cause permanent shrinkage though. Keep in mind that any exertion over 45 minutes causes a drop in testosterone. When test levels drop you can bet erection quality will suffer.

It’s better to do 30 minutes of intervals (you can start with 30 seconds very intense followed by 2 1/2 minutes at 60-80% of your max heart rate-this will give you 10 intervals total). This is very effective for burning fat and increasing the strength of your lungs/heart without effecting test levels. A stronger healthier heart leads to better blood flow and bigger, stronger erections.


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