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Eliminate jelqs from routine

Eliminate jelqs from routine

I have been peing for several months now and I have doing jelqs. They are time consuming and put a strained on my hands. I also sweat my ass off when I do them. Anyone just eliminate jelqs from their routine and just hang/clamp/stretch?

If you do that just be sure to do extra 2 minutes stretching per day every month or so unless you’re hanging. I hate jelqing and started off like doing 200 then up to 500 for a while and then down to 100 for the majority of the time then 50 then not at all and now I’m just doing like 30 slow decent ones for health. I gained fine in that time, people have gained length from just stretching routines too.

Did you notice a slower gain without jelqs?

Mind sharing your gains?

I don’t like doing Jelq’s either. I have a bad habit of Jelqing too hard and ending up with blood coming from my urethra and then having to take time off and re start from scratch. I eliminated Jelqing from my routine and have not had this problem since. At the absolute max I will do 50 Jelq’s after a workout just to get the circulation going again, but I do not consider them part of my routine.

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I’m doing just manual stretching. I experimented with intermittemt jelqing (low pressure and low reps) but decided it was too much for my unit. Plus, using a routine of stretching alone will let me know if it can work by itself. I’m probably going to add some bends eventually. And perhaps an extender, later if I see stagnating progress.

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My routine is just manuell stretching and jelqing. I do a 100 jelqs every other day and on my off jelqing days I do stretching. I`ve tried to cut out the jelqing a couple of times but after a few weeks my penis looked really skinny. I`ve also tried to cut out stretching but the after a while the penis got short and stubby. I would try to change my grip and angle when I jelq about 5 times on each session to aviod soreness in hands and avoid getting bored. You should try to experiment more to make the sessions more interesting but don`t stop the jelqing.

I only do some light jelking to restore circulation after using the extender. I don’t like them either.

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I just use my mechanical stretcher and wear clingwrap all day as a sort of ads.

I found that jelquing tore my skin when I did it enough to get any kind of stretching and swelling, and sometimes my ligs were so sore that I couldn`t stretch mechanically.

I have gained a full inch in seven months doing the mechanical stretching and just recently began using ht wrap.

I had a period when I kind of doing jelqs well or just it seems to me but I find newer grips working better and different tricks at jelqing so from time to time I said no that`s the correct way, or at least the better for my penis.

For the last 2 months and some I increased the number got some little injuries got back with lower and reduced number of jelqs, anyway now I`m doing 220 wet jelqs and I am planing to go to 250 in about 2 weeks.Now I`m pretty excited with the way I perform jelqs and will keep of doing them but I have phases when I just hate them.

Also I don`t feel like jelqs get me any length but are cementing the hanging and ADS training that it`s still a pretty good thing.


It’s part of the human condition that the things we don’t like doing are usually the things we most need to be doing!

I think jelqs are the single most important exercise you can do. It is the most synergistic exercise and helps to get the most out of other exercises because it creates stretch in all directions and also compression of the cells, which squeezes the waste by-products out of the cells and helps them fill up with fresh, nutrient laden, oxygenated blood. It also promotes excellent erections.

A routine without jelqing is like a car without wheels! Even if you just do 40 or 50 after the rest of your routine, you should still do them.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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