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electrical stimulation

electrical stimulation

Hi all
it sounds silly but I have a question/proposal related to penis anatomy .
I read in many documents that there’s a muscular layer between CC and tunica . Its role is to relax the CC to allow blood to fill the chambers . What if we stimulate this layer ? Could we achieve muscular ipertrophy like in body building ? I ever heard the phrase “If the dick was a muscle we would be all at the gym” .
What if it was true ? : D


The corpora cavernosa contain a fibrous skeleton composed of tunica albuginea with its fibrous columns, periarterial and perineural fibrous sheaths, and an intraparenchymal fibrous framework attached to all fibrous elements of the corpora cavernosa. This anatomical arrangement probably plays an important part in the firmness of the corpora cavernosa during erection. The fibrous framework, due to its numerous attachments to the deep surface of the tunica albuginea and its columns, when stretched during erection, prevents bending and deformation of the corpora cavernosa.

Penile extensibility is the difference between the length of the flaccid penis and the penis submitted to a maximal constant traction. This measurement has been proposed for use as a new potential diagnostic method to assess intracavernous fibrosis. To determine the value of this method we measured penile extensibility before and after removing the skin and cavernous tissue in 17 cadavers and 4 patients undergoing penile implantation. In all cases a cavernous tissue biopsy was performed and the percentages of the different structures were objectively quantified by computer analysis. The extensibility decreased with patient age but it was not influenced by removal of the skin and/or cavernous tissue. No correlation was observed between decreased extensibility and the increase in fibrotic elements in the penile tissue. Penile extensibility seems to reflect the elasticity of the tunica albuginea, which is the limiting factor and cannot be an expression of fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa.…3&dopt=Abstract

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thanks for the explanation godofdeviltry . I don’t know human anatomy such well . As I read that tunica was made also of smooth muscle I wonder if this muscular tissue could be electrically stimulated for growth as other muscles

thank you

Originally Posted by route76
tunica was made also of smooth muscle I wonder if this muscular tissue could be electrically stimulated for growth as other muscles
thank you

Tunica is largely made up of layers of Collagen fibres. Its not a muscular tissue, IMO. Atleast, its not muscle like in the conventional sense. I dont know much about electrical stimulation. How do you propose to give it electrical stimulation BTW?

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Do a search on here. I believe I read a post about a guy doing an expirement on this.


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